110-Plus Pallet Launched by Plasgad

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110-Plus Pallet Launched by Plasgad

July 07
10:47 2016

plasgadCreated for bulky loads, the durable 110-Plus Pallet can be utilized for various functions extending agriculture to food industry applications.

Iftah Poran, VP R&D explained the versatility of the 110-Plus: “In intensive environments light and nestable plastic pallets deliver a versatile and reliable business advantage. Our recently launched latest version offers diverse benefits over other wood or light plastic pallets. The new 110-Plus meets custom aviation safety requirements and is fully optimized to fit air pallets. The innovative leg-structure design enables better support of goods, with increased resistance. There is also the option to add skid function.”

The 110-Plus Pallet’s lightweight structure measures 1,200 mm (L) x 1,000 mm (W) x 132 mm (H) and weighs just 5.7 kg. For a nestable pallet of this size, the 110-Plus is extremely robust, accommodating loads of 1,800 kg when static or 1000 kg when dynamic.

Leveraging the full benefit of plastic means the 110-Plus Pallet can be easily washed when required to remove any dirt. Additionally, there are no concerns regarding contaminants, which can often get trapped in the crevasses of wooden pallets. This clear hygienic advantage makes nestable plastic pallets particularly desirable for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The 110 Plus Pallet is available in recycled or virgin material form and at the end of its working life it remains fully recyclable.

Plasgad has was formed for over 30 years. It has been a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing reusable plastic packaging, storage and transport solutions. The company continues to produce new products and advancements for new opportunities in Reusable Transport Items.

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