Creating High Quality, Home-style and Flatbed Coated Products –The Dual-mode RevoBreader

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Creating High Quality, Home-style and Flatbed Coated Products –The Dual-mode RevoBreader

Creating High Quality, Home-style and Flatbed Coated Products –The Dual-mode RevoBreader
April 25
17:00 2019

Marel’s new RevoBreader is a flexible machine that offers flatbed and drum modes in one enclosure. This dual-mode configurability is the ultimate solution for applying high-quality coating, both to home-style and flatbed coated products.

Thanks to the large drum size, changing between flatbed and drum position doesn’t require the removal of any machine parts. Changeover from one mode to the other takes less than two minutes.

Drum and Flatbed

In the drum position, the breading procedure guarantees a high pickup of crumb and optimum home-style coverage all over the product, as well as high retention of crumb to the product during the frying process. This is ideal for coating bone-in products.

In flatbed position, RevoBreader guides product through a bottom bed of crumb, while covering the top layer with crumb, which falls gently on the product. This results in high quality, uniformly coated products.

Minimum Crumb Breakdown

Once products have been coated, excess crumb is removed in two steps; firstly by a vibrating mechanism and secondly by air knives. Excess crumb is carefully transported back into the machine for reuse. RevoBreader is equipped with a water wheel that gently handles the crumb, guaranteeing minimum crumb breakdown.

Software and Traceability

New Innova Food Processing Software for further processing benefits RevoBreader too. It includes several useful tools for convenience lines, such as Quality Control and Line Profiler (to create the required line set-up).

Innova’s full traceability program provides an overview of the raw materials’ journey. The traceability engine records every process step in the convenience line, and tracks systematically what has been made, when, where and by whom.

‘QSR Home Style’

The Marel RevoBreader is the perfect solution for achieving the typical ‘QSR home style’ coating. After a pre-dust coating in the Active Flour Applicator, a tempura wet coating is applied in the Active Tempura Applicator to ensure that breading adheres properly. The drum of the RevoBreader completes the coating process, giving product a ‘handmade’ look. The result is a home-style crumb, a breading with a highly attractive appearance, perfectly suited for sale in QSR restaurants.

For more information visit www.marel.com/poultry

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