Festo Mechatronics extends Pacepacker portfolio

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Festo Mechatronics extends Pacepacker portfolio

September 10
09:10 2013

Pacepacker Services, a well-known equipment manufacturer and system integrator of pick and place solutions, has expanded its product portfolio to include Festo’s range of Mechatronics pick and place systems. Unlike most other mechanical pick and place solutions, which tend to be highly bespoke and custom built, the Mechatronics ‘off the shelf’ range offers quick and cost effective pick and place components.

Pacepacker is an integrator for a number of leading robotic equipment manufacturers, enabling it to offer an extensive portfolio of solutions able to meet all project specifications.  Applications usually range from one to six axes with pick-up devices for handling one or multiple products at a time (complete or part layers).  Typical uses include projects in the food, bottling, FMCG and pet food sectors.

The Mechatronics range comprises tried and tested pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, control and sensory components, models and systems which can be easily configured to provide pick and place solutions, tailored to the end user.  Typical life expectancies are in excess of 5 million metres of travel.

The T Gantry, H Gantry and Tripod models with intuitive technology can be easily integrated with other machinery and software, reducing concerns over teething problems, compatibility, effectiveness and costs.  All are low in vibration due to the reduced initial moving mass, precision tooth-belt drive arrangements and sophisticated controllers that also provide excellent functionality and maximum efficiency.

T-Gantry – a continuous toothed-belt with a pitch slide module for fast picking, spreading and separating (over 90 picks per minute).  Its corresponding control package ensures precise point-to-point or path-controlled motion in the vertical and horizontal plane. Its minimal moving mass ensures low vibration and cost savings due to reduced mounting frame requirements.

H-Gantry – same as the T, but an additional axis of movement, enables 3D capability.  Designed for handling items at high speed (up to 70 picks per minute), it covers a rectangular 3D working space.  Compact and flat, there’s an outstanding installation/working space ratio and ready to install in a two or three axis configuration.  A favourite within solar and packaging sectors where it’s used to handle products.

Tripod – a high-speed handling unit (up to 150 packs per minute) with robot functionality for free movement in 3D space.  Its rigid pyramid structure requires less structural mounting, yet ensures optimum path and position accuracy with reduced vibrations. This enables it to handle a higher pay load, for example, moving 5kg at speed. Suitable for use with a camera system for position and rotary orientation sensing, the Tripod is perfect for pick and place, small parts handling and loading installations. The optional dry food P8 version, incorporates stainless steel covers, FDA-approved grease and materials and is ideal for packaging food stuffs at high speed.

Complementing the Festo range of solutions is Pacepacker’s own DeltaPac™ pick and place robotic options.  Although similar in appearance to Festo’s tripod, they have the added advantage of being IP65 rated, making them particularly suitable for hygienic environments where this rating is required.  Their stainless steel, wash-down specification makes them ideal for corrosive and acidic environments.

Also in the Pacepacker range are the 30+ differing robotic arms with up to six axes of movement, courtesy of FANUC.  These units typically have a greater payload for heavier objects and are adept at manipulating multiple products simultaneously.   Completing the line-up, a range of grippers; versatile in design, enabling multiple functions to be performed with a single unit.  Product pick-up devices can be gripping, cradling, vacuum pads or electro-magnetic.

Customers interested in Pacepacker’s pick and place solutions can use its ‘try before you buy’ facility with free real-time testing, prior to placing an order (a service that was runner-up in the recent Innovate Operating Practices category at the EEF Future Manufacturing South East Awards).

This portfolio expansion enables Pacepacker to offer a working solution for every application and the firm is confident it’s one of the UK’s largest providers of pick and place solutions.

Pacepacker is an active supporter of BARA’s* Automating Manufacturing Programme which aims to increase robot uptake in the UK.

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