JK Sucralose Inc. has been approved by Chinese Government for its Bio-food Techno-park project

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JK Sucralose Inc. has been approved by Chinese Government for its Bio-food Techno-park project

November 10
12:12 2011

JK Sucralose Inc., the largest sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest one in the world, had finally got the approval from the Yancheng Government of Jiangsu Province for its city Bio-food Techno-park based on 4,000-tons production capacity expansion project,thus making JK the only sucralose manufacturer that obtained government’s approval for designed long-term annual capacity of 4,000-tons project expansion.

JK Sucralose Inc. as the only Chinese company that voluntarily joined and won the US ITC-337 investigation on intellectual property rights has grown rapidly into China’s largest and the world’s second largest sucralose manufacturer in a very short period of time. The success of JK has broken through the monopoly in international markets which dominated by the western multinational corporations by taking advantage of intellectual property disputes. The concept of “preventive actions mean an investment and remedial actions mean expenses” is applied as the basic theory for corporate management and market development strategy. The implementation of such strategy has greatly supported JK to gain the huge global market.

Nowadays, JK has finished its market allocation in the whole world, whose sucralose is now supplying various industries globally, including food and food supplements, beverages, pharmaceutical, dietary supplements and healthcare products etc. cover almost 60 countries and area globally. Therefore, JK is planning to invest 182 million USD to implement the long-term 4,000 tons capacity expansion plan to meet the growth of global sucralose market.

JK Sucralose Inc. oriented to global market, is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, set its marketing and sales headquarters in Beijing, and has presence in US, Europe, Japan and India in the form of specialized direct-sales branches. Independent intellectual property owned by JK includes 6 registered patents in China and 3 in the US. In addition, with independent intellectual property rights, JK has gained international certificates, such as cGMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18000, Sedex for quality control; Badatz KOSHER and MUI HALAL for food regulation, as well as the RQA and BRC certification in particular, which verified by third party authority. The quality of JK products is in full compliance with standards including FCCⅦ, USP34-NF29, 2008/60/EC, EP2368 and Japanese Standards. JK has also been approved as qualified supplier by various multinational food and beverage giants.
Sucralose is the latest generation of sweetener in the world made from sucrose, with fabulous taste and reliable safety and great heat stability; no abnormal smell, and zero calorie, has been proved safe for diabetes. Nevertheless sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose. Since the sugar prices rose more than 70% in 2010 due to a supply crunch, which is at a level of 30 years high, and the ongoing price pressure is expected in 2011. There is a great deal of interest in creating great tasting sweetener blends that reduce overall sweetener costs without compromise on sugar taste. Sucralose is now considered as the most preferred sweetener by various companies for improving recipes and developing new products.

JK Sucralose Inc. spares no effort to create sweet solutions for the health of humanity, as well as to demonstrate JK’s own social responsibility in ecological environment, social public welfare undertaking, social well-being system etc., thereby to achieve the company’s sustainable development. JK shall deem the second and third phases of expansion projects as a new starting point, therefore to increase the input on technology development and enhance the marketing expansion, to construct a world of sweetness for consumers.

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