Lactosan A/S Cheese Powder Research – Successful.

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Lactosan A/S Cheese Powder Research – Successful.

May 18
14:01 2011

 What are Cheese Powders? Cheese Powders are made from cheese, water and melting salt which are melted, pasteurized and spray-dried. When it comes to the question of ‘what are the different components of Cheese Powders and the features which characterize the odour, taste and flavour profiles of cheese,’ then we have no previous investigations to rely on.

  However, through a research project which began in 2008 and ended in December last year, new developments have been made in the distinction of Cheese Powders and their properties.

  Scientists from University of Copenhagen from the Department of Food Science, in co-operation with the Danish company Lactosan A/S, were responsible for the process of identifying the flavour profiles of various Cheese Powders. Lactosan’s R & D Manager, Inger Hansen, immediately responded to the idea of collaboration with the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen.

 Examination of three Cheese Powder types.

  The researchers examined three different Cheese Powder types, as processing Cheese Powders from well-matured cheeses gives us a wide range of flavour components. Some even have a flavour and taste enhancing effect.     
  The different cheeses used in the research included: Blue Cheese Powder from well-matured cheeses, Cheese Powder from surface-ripened cheeses and Cheese Powder form hard types of cheeses.
  ‘We started to perform sensory analyses of different kinds of Cheese Powders made from matured cheeses and then compared the sensory characteristics with the flavour compounds that we analyzed chemically,’ said post. doc. Camilla Varming.

Cheese Powder



  When researchers compared the aroma compounds with the sensory descriptions they found, Blue Cheese Powder was characterized by a higher content of many aroma compounds, mainly esters and ketones, which are typical compounds produced by various penicillium fungi species in blue mould cheeses. These compounds corresponded to the sensory properties of “fruity” and “blue mould” odour and flavour.

  Cheese Powders made from surface-ripened cheeses were characterized by various sulpher compounds and indole and phenol. These aroma compounds are typical products from the micro flora of the surface-ripening and correspond to the sensory properties of “smear” odour and flavour.

  Finally The Cheese Powders made from hard types of cheeses were characterized by a lower content of aroma compounds and with sensory properties such as “harmony”, “umami” and “Kokumi”.

  Overall the researchers noted big differences in the odour, taste and flavour profiles of the three different kinds of Cheese Powders.
  Lactosan A/S achieved its goal of identifying the flavour compounds in matured cheeses to use as natural taste enhancement, ‘we succeeded,’ states Camilla Varming.

  Cheese Powder is found in a wide range of products such as ready meals, sauces, soups, desserts, snacks, cakes, biscuits, sauces, in spring rolls, in crisp bread and in the UK market in popular biscuits.
  With this information Lactosan A/S can now make new combinations of the naturally occurring flavour compounds for our flavour and taste enhancement.

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