Nutriswiss AG at Fi Europe 2011

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Nutriswiss AG at Fi Europe 2011

November 22
12:36 2011

Nutriswiss AG is an international player in the fat-processing industry. In our home market of Switzerland, we are market leader in the segment for special and organic products. Since our company was founded in 1879, our philosophy has been to work together with our customers to find physiological nutritional trends and to develop our products accordingly. This targeted customer orientation has been based on consistently high quality, sound advice, efficient logistics and vision. The result today: Nutriswiss AG is able to meet our customers’ requirements and provide added value.
As one of the leading manufacturers of edible fats in Switzerland we make every effort to meet the various customer requirements and market demands. Our commitment to customer service is demonstrated in our custom-made products and solutions, our flexibility and our batch sizes of 500 kg to 2500 kg.
Several factors play a vital role in enabling us to successfully achieve our business targets. These include not only the quality of our products and services, but also optimal business efficiency, environmental protection measures and the highest level of product safety. This is why we work to continually improve all of our aspects of our company, to be able to meet the needs of our customers. An important criterion for our definition of quality is the satisfaction of both customers and our employees. The implementation and maintenance of quality management has led to our processes and procedures being defined and documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and the BRC Standard (British Retail Consortium). The quality criteria of our products are tested in our QA laboratory before, during and after the production process. Continuous process checks throughout the production chain monitor each step.
The careful selection of raw materials is of vital importance for the quality of the end product. This is why we focus so much on purchasing high-quality fat and oil. In the case of tropical fats, social aspects and sustainable growing methods also play an essential role in selecting the right raw material. Our standard range of products is produced from the following raw materials:
Vegetable raw materials
• Palm oil and palm oil fractions
• Palm oil and palm oil fractions, sustainable (ProForest certified)
• Canola oil
• Soya oil (non GMO)
• Sunflower oil
• Sunflower oil, high oleic
• Peanut oil
• Coconut oil
• Palm kernel oil and palm kernel fractions
• Maize germ oil
• Cocoa butter
• Shea butter
Animal raw materials
• Beef fat and beef fat fractions
• Pork fat
Organic products SCES Nr. 006 / EU-CR 2092/91
• Palm oil
• Palm olein IV55
• Palm super olein IV65
• Palm stearin IV35-38
• Palm super stearin IV14
• Palm kernel oil
• Canola oil
• Sunflower oil
• Blends
Our production expertise includes fat melting, fat processing, fractionation, hydrogenation, transesterification, formulation and crystallisation. In our fat melting facility we process edible animal fats from slaughtering and processing plants. Melted raw fats can be further processed and refined in separate facilities. During the refining process neutralisation, bleaching, and deodorisation are mainly used to remove undesirable impurities from selected vegetable oils and fats.
In addition to traditional refining methods, to enable us to produce customised products to our clients specification, we also offer the following modification steps, separately or in combination:
• Fractionation
• Hydrogenation
• Transesterification
• 3-MCPD ester reduction
• Crystallisation or formulation
The combination of the different fats and oils and the modification steps enable us to achieve products that, thanks to their precise fatty acid profiles, meet the customer’s requirements in terms of melting and crystallisation.
Fats and oils play a vital part in determining the quality of innumerable food products. They are the carriers of taste and structure and they also ensure the right structure and processing ability. The production of puff pastries and other pastry products would be unthinkable without fats. The fats give the dough the necessary rising and crumbliness. The fat is responsible for the form and structure of chocolate coatings too. Some food products only become edible through having the right amount of fat. Fats are of great importance in the nutritional physiology. Not only are they the carriers of unsaturated fatty acids, for example α-Linolenacid (an Omega 3 fatty acid) but also for the natural oil’s soluble vitamins such as Tocopherol, Vitamin E etc. Thanks to our knowledge in buying raw materials, the gentle pressing of the seeds, the refining and modification of oils and fats and finally, knowing the application, we are able to offer individual solutions. Special products need special fats.
Our products in the food industry:
• baked goods and biscuits .
• chocolates, fillings and coatings .
• sweets and ice cream .
• fried and deep-fried products .
• soups, sauces and pastes .
• kitchen products and spreads .
• children’s food .
• fats and oils for the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic field
Nutriswiss AG – We make high-quality food possible

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