Partner for both hand producers and industry

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Partner for both hand producers and industry

May 06
10:47 2013

Wolfertschwenden, 7th May 2013 – MULTIVAC made it very clear at IFFA 2013, which took place at the beginning of May in Frankfurt: “We can do both!” – that is to say, support businesses, which supply hand-made products, with simple and compact packaging solutions and also provide industrial-scale companies with high-performance systems, automation solutions, uniform standards worldwide and local service on site. The packaging specialist was therefore represented at IFFA this year with two exhibition stands, which were each focused on a specific segment. 

The packaging specialist scored on both exhibition stands with its innovative technologies and products, which covered all aspects of packaging, automation, labelling and printing, inspection and high-pressure processing (HPP). In addition to these, particular interest was aroused by the innovative packaging concept MYLAR® COOK, which enables food to be cooked in its sealed pack in the oven or microwave.

Product and technology innovations

As regards its thermoforming packaging machines, MULTIVAC presented at IFFA 2013 a number of innovative approaches, which significantly improve the energy efficiency of its machines and contribute to increasing overall equipment effectiveness. Many of these innovations are integrated in the new, high-performance R 535 e-conceptTM model and in the R 095 e-conceptTM compact model. In addition to these, MULTIVAC showed with its new R 685 a high-performance model, which is designed for running very wide films.

MULTIVAC also presented at IFFA some innovations with its traysealers for the entry-level and mid-range sectors, among them the T 600, a new, fully automatic traysealer model in the medium output category.

As regards chamber machines, MULTIVAC showed at IFFA for the first time its new C 800 vacuum chamber machine, which is equipped with a 1.40 metre wide chamber. This makes it especially suitable for packing particularly long food products, such as for example large, cylindrical sausages.

MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, the labelling and printing specialist which is part of the MULTIVAC Group, also put forward a range of new products in Frankfurt in the areas of labelling, printing and inspection systems. Among these was a new X-ray inspection system and the MVS seal seam scanner. The labelling and printing specialist had also announced prior to the exhibition the integration of more of its systems in the HMI 2.0 control terminal.

Positive outlook for the second half of 2013

Overall 2013 has begun well for MULTIVAC. Its CEO, Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, declared himself satisfied with the current situation at a press conference at IFFA. “The gratifying feedback from the market shows us that we are in the right area with our product range, and that we are delivering exactly what our customers need, not just with our traditionally strong product line of thermoforming packaging machines but also with more recently developed product lines, such as for example our traysealers or automation solutions. Our innovation offensive addresses precisely those topics, which will increasingly gain in importance in the future, such as for example efficiency and the saving of resources. They are of interest to our customers not only for ecological but also for economic reasons”.



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