RAPSolution – the natural solution for discerning products

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RAPSolution – the natural solution for discerning products

November 10
10:43 2011

The various RAPSolution products improve flavour as well as having a range of beneficial qualities: RAPSolution AO prevents premature oxidation, RAPSolution AB improves microbiological stability, RAPSolution NAC ensures particularly appetizing colours and RAPSolution NAS can be a substitute for emulsifiers. Four kinds of natural power – just as nature intended.

RAPSolution solves any imponderabilities that can occur during the production and processing of food and sausages, without the addition of E-numbers that require labelling. After all, the focus of RAPSolution products is on the optimization of taste.

RAPSolution AO is a spice extract, which contains rosemary extract and other ingredients. Rosemary extract, which is dispersible in water and oil, targets the sensory system. Therefore, rosemary extract does not have to be declared in the form of an e-number. RAPSolution AO improves pickled products, raw and boiled sausage, fish and bakery products and can also be used in oil and fat applications. With its natural ingredients, rosemary extract has the positive side effect of protecting foods from fat oxidation, rancidness and lack of flavour. It achieves this without any genetically modified organisms and without any allergens which require labelling.

RAPSolution AB is available in powder and liquid form. Both RAPSolution AB variants optimise the flavour of fresh meat and ham with a mild spicy hint. In addition, the ingredients of the rosemary and other spices naturally curb the unwanted growth of microorganisms. The food then keeps for longer – all thanks to the power of nature alone.

The RAPSolution NAC variants are available in various liquid forms – water-soluble or oil-soluble. They contain paprika and other spices to produce a mildly spicy flavour. They also ensure an intense and longer-lasting appetising fresh colour for soups, sauces, stews, spreads, sausages, ready-meals and dips.

The fourth product in the green quartet is RAPSolution NAS. This product comes in powder form and is based on amaranth, which has natural and appealing emulsifying properties. RAPSolution NAS ensures that liver sausage etc. remains particularly spreadable – just as consumers like it. This completes the Clean Label RAPSolution product range. 

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