Belvoir Fruit Farms has it in the Can!

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Belvoir Fruit Farms has it in the Can!

May 10
09:26 2013
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Belvoir Fruit Farms, the UK premium soft drinks producer, is launching its Elderflower pressé and Raspberry Lemonade in a 250ml can to cater for outlets that hanker after the Lincolnshire-based company’s products but cannot stock them in glass bottles.

Pev Manners, MD of Belvoir Fruit Farms, says: “For some time now we have been approached by potential customers keen to stock our brand but who are limited by not being able to accept glass bottles. Our 250ml bottles have a quirky elegant shape that make them firm favourites of cafes and delis, however food-on-the-go operations don’t find glass the best format. We have therefore developed our lovely little can that offers convenience but with a premium feel.”

As producers of the ‘original’ elderflower cordial, elderflower pressé is the biggest selling pressé in the Belvoir range so it was the obvious choice to go into can. Raspberry Lemonade was launched in 2010 and has also been extremely successful. The production process for the canned product remains identical to that of the bottled version, being hand made on the Belvoir farm, using only natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or additives.

Belvoir worked with Big Fish Design to design the bespoke can which reflects the premium image of the Belvoir brand and marries well with its elegant range of glass bottles that come in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml.

Pev Manners adds: “We are very excited by the launch of our Belvoir can. It is a completely new opening for us and we are confident it will give us entry into new markets which our glass bottles cannot currently satisfy.”

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