Blackacre Farm Eggs Rebrands

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Blackacre Farm Eggs Rebrands

Blackacre Farm Eggs Rebrands
August 04
09:17 2016
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English free range egg producer, Blackacre Farm Eggs, has rebranded to become The Traditional Free Range Egg Company. Owners Dan and Briony Wood have made this change, as they feel that it better represents their commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for small independent family-run farms, using the traditional flat deck production method.

Following widespread public support for its No Multi-Tier Here educational campaign earlier in the year, Dan and Briony believe that the rebrand symbolises their support for those farmers still using methods that can be traced back to the roots of free range egg production. As they continue in their mission to enable consumers to make an informed decision when buying their free range eggs, positive feedback from the campaign suggests that many will opt for those produced using flat deck methods, rather than those from huge multi-tier sheds, meaning that traditional farmers can look forward to a sustainable future for generations to come.

The new brand will be rolled out across the entire product range, but the Wood family is keen to stress that nothing else about its award-winning Free Collection will be changing. The Traditional Free Range Egg Company will continue to go above and beyond industry standards of ‘free range’ and ‘free to fly’, with its hens, ducks, geese and quails enjoying a lifestyle with love, care, freedom and fresh air at its heart.

Dan Wood, managing director of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, explains: “It feels like a big step to change our name after 36 years, but with the industry changing at a rapid rate we felt that the time was right to draw a line in the sand and show our support for traditional family-run farms before they are lost forever. We were overwhelmed with the support we had from the public when we launched our No Multi-Tier Here campaign, but some in the industry claimed that we were looking to entirely condemn free range egg production within multi-tier sheds. This just wasn’t the case and it’s time to set the record straight. Quite simply, we believe that farmers who go above and beyond to produce exceptional quality eggs have every right to differentiate their products from those that are mass produced, just as artisan cheesemakers producing traditional cloth-bound cheddar are able to set themselves apart from their supermarket rivals. The knowledge and experience of these farmers is second to none, something we think is too special to lose, so The Traditional Free Range Egg Company is absolutely committed to helping them survive and ultimately thrive.”

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