Boomerang Box Reusable Delivery Packaging

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Boomerang Box Reusable Delivery Packaging

February 06
15:12 2013
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Canadian office supply store, Grand and Toy, created the aptly named “Boomerang Box” as a reusable packaging solution for frequent customers.

Crafted from 57% post-consumer material, the box has corrugated stability and is stackable for convenient storage. Even surviving a coarse shipping journey, the design permits use and re-usage. A driver will pick up the previous box when the next Grand and Toy delivery arrives, so it can boomerang once more.

This may seem fairly insignificant to an individual customer, but businesses can spend lots of money each year on delivery box disposal, which makes the collection service both environmentally and wallet friendly.

Reusable Packaging

Participants of the free Boomerang Box program are required to sustain at least a 70% return rate on boxes, but if this level slips, a Business Solutions Advisor will help you meet these conditions.

In a trial, the company says 46,000 boxes were saved from single use containers, with an 80% reduction in box consumption.

The primary purpose of the Boomerang Box program is sustainability, said the company in its website description. The cumulative effect can make a significant influence, saving time, fuel, energy and trees.

But this impact can’t be achieved without the consumers help, they said.

“We can’t do this without your participation and support. Help us and it will come back to help us all.”

Boomerang Box

The program is now being rolled out nationwide, after successful adoption from businesses including OfficeMax in the summer of this year. OfficeMax was spurred into environmental action after their competitor Office Depot was carrying out a sustainable delivery program called Greener Shipping.

Greener shipping involved replacing conventional delivery boxes with paper bags, which is now used by just under 100% of their customers. Office Depot communications manager Rebecca Rakitin, said the benefits of the program meant that the customer didn’t throw anything away. There were no air pillows, and the paper bags could be re-used rather than discarded.

Another company with the “Boomerang” concept is the Boomerang Buyback website. Boasting the highest payouts, the site offers to buy back your old electrical gadgets, even if they are broken.

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