Bruker’s Dairy Solution MPA-D Wins “International FoodTec Award 2015”

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Bruker’s Dairy Solution MPA-D Wins “International FoodTec Award 2015”

Bruker’s Dairy Solution MPA-D Wins “International FoodTec Award 2015”
May 12
09:01 2015
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Bruker Optik has been awarded the “International FoodTec Award 2015” by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and its partners during the Anuga FoodTec, the international trade fair for food and drink technology in Cologne.

Spectroscopic methods have been used for a long time in laboratories of the dairy industry, where especially FT-IR and NIR systems are an indispensable part of quality and process control. The MPA-D, a combination of the well-known FT-NIR spectrometer MPA and the innovative sampling module LSM for liquids, unites and expands the various possibilities inside one system. Thus, not only a cheaper solution is offered, but the MPA-D also enables the analysis of samples that could not be managed by FT-IR or other NIR systems before.

The emphasis is put on the LSM as an innovation: it includes a homogenizer for the optimum and reproducible measurement of raw milk and whey, as well as in parallel a peristaltic pump to deliver all possible liquid milk products and intermediates to the measurement cell. In addition, the MPA allows the analysis of all other solid and semi-solid milk products particularly in reflection and transflexion as well as diffuse transmission.

The “International FoodTec Award” is conferred at three-year intervals. It is given by the DLG in co-operation with various technical and media partners. The winners are selected by an international jury of experts of different disciplines.

Dr Andreas Niemoller, International Manager for Agri, Food & Feed at Bruker Optics, states: “We are very pleased about winning this award. It shows that we were thinking in the right direction, when deciding to develop a universal analyzer based on FT-NIR for liquid and solid dairy samples alike. The MPA-D will enable also small and medium-size companies to invest into this compelling technology for a fast and efficient quality control.”

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