Busch announces new energy efficient addition to the R 5 series

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Busch announces new energy efficient addition to the R 5 series

May 06
08:58 2013
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Leading vacuum pump, blower and vacuum systems manufacturer Busch (UK) Limited has announced a new addition to its highly successful R 5 series of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, the R 5 0155 A, designed for continuous use in a wide range of applications.

Offering increased energy efficiency with reduced power requirements and a compact design, the new R 5 0155 A has been developed to create a new generation of the R 5 range to meet the ever changing needs of the customer.

Particularly suitable for food packaging applications, the R 5 0155 A provides optimised pumping speeds at low end pressures, which enables faster pump-down times and thereby achieve shorter packing cycles.

While continuing to feature the renowned reliability and robustness of the R 5 range, the R 5 0155  A offers a pumping speed of 150 cubic metres per hour (at 50 Hz) and an ultimate end pressure of 0.1 mbar, making it ideal for continuous operation, for pumping out large volumes and when working at ultimate pressure.

Complete oil separation and maximum performance is achieved with new, specially developed Busch exhaust filters as well as hard-wearing vanes which are manufactured from composite materials.  High permeability exhaust filters are optimised for the new pump, which enables the high pumping speeds to be reached.

One of the key benefits of the R 5 series is that a minimal amount of maintenance is required and this is usually limited to oil changes and the replacement of filters at periodic service intervals. An optional gas ballast valve enables the pumping of humid air so that damp and wet foods can be safely and reliably packaged.

Mark Sumnall, UK sales director for Busch (UK) Limited, said:  “We’re excited to be introducing the new R 5 0155 A, as it offers high energy efficiency with increased pumping speed for the user.  With energy prices seeming to be continuously on the increase, engineering and production managers will enjoy the additional benefits of reducing energy usage and in turn, their energy bills to a minimum.

“The R 5’s rotary vane technology has an excellent reputation in the food and beverage industry as well as being proven in many other sectors.  As we have such an extensive range, we are able to offer a model for virtually any application with high pumping efficiency, for continuous operation with the added benefit of being easy and inexpensive to service and maintain.”

The R 5 series is described by Busch as being the pump of choice for the food and beverage industries, while also being used in a long list of other sectors which include; packaging, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, plastics, woodworking, pneumatic conveying, printing and paper and metallurgy, to name but a few.

Total support packages from comprehensive service contracts to on site audits are available from Busch (UK) Limited to help customers ensure their production facilities operate at maximum efficiency and profitability.

Busch is the global market leader for vacuum and low pressure pumps for a wide range of applications, including food and packaging, and offers a comprehensive product portfolio. As a pioneer in vacuum packaging, this year (2013) Busch is marking its 50 year anniversary by celebrating half a century of continuous quality, innovation and service to become the premier supplier of vacuum and over pressure equipment.


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