Busch charms the market with COBRA

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Busch charms the market with COBRA

April 11
12:05 2013
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Working on an oil and water free compression principle, the COBRA NC series of screw vacuum pumps from Busch (UK) Limited has a proven track record in a wide range of tough environments.

The COBRA pump is described by Busch as being highly robust in construction and reliable in operation, while at the same time being energy efficient for the user.

Featuring an asymmetrical screw profile and free gas outlet, the pump provides improved ability to handle liquid and dust carry-over.  The optimised efficiency of the pump reduces thermal load, which in turn maximises the service life of the installation.  Uniform temperature distribution gives high resistance to corrosion.

Geoff Jennings, systems director for Busch (UK) Limited, said:  “The COBRA was designed and developed as a result of our years of experience with dry technology products and applications.  Since its launch, our customers have benefited from the key design features of this tried and tested range.”

Benefits include ATEX certification for categories 1, 2 and 3, fast access screws which allow for easy servicing and a vacuum capability of between 1 hPa (mbar) and atmosphere.

Busch says the COBRA is ideal for use in many types of industries, but in different formats depending on requirements.  These include chemicals and pharmaceuticals, plastic extrusion, rubber, beverage, furnaces, drying and impregnation, absorption and degassing, metallurgy, remediation and the semiconductor/electronics sector to name but a few.

Other key features include single stage operation, homogenised temperature profile, low vibration and noise levels and the option of split body design is available if required.

Busch is the global market leader for vacuum and low pressure pumps for a wide range of applications, including food and packaging, and offers a comprehensive product portfolio.

As a pioneer in vacuum packaging, this year (2013) Busch is marking its 50 year anniversary by celebrating half a century of continuous quality, innovation and service to become the premier supplier of vacuum and over pressure equipment.

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