BV Dairy to use energy derived from food waste

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BV Dairy to use energy derived from food waste

July 07
09:38 2011
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BV Dairy in Dorset, England, will use the energy derived from the recycling of food waste from the production of cream, milk and fermented dairy products, to power most of the plant’s production process. The facility has received $2.71m from the AD Demonstration program.

The plant is capable of processing 80,000 tonnes of waste each year, which will provide the majority of electricity used in the manufacturing process at the dairy. The surplus electricity created will be exported to the national grid.

Heat generated by the facility will be used in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process, and excess will be used in the cleaning processes in the factory and in the cheese making process.

The solid digestate, a bio-fertiliser is high in valuable nutrients required for healthy plant growth and fertile soil, will be used on local grassland.

BV Dairy Managing Director Jim Highnam said the plant demonstrates that the technology works and, judging by the interest from food manufacturers, the company expects to see many more companies using AD to generate renewable energy from unavoidable food waste.

BV Dairy produces 15,000 tonnes of dairy products each year for the food service and food manufacturing sectors.


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