Carmit Launches Innovative Confectionery Line to Provide Health Benefits

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Carmit Launches Innovative Confectionery Line to Provide Health Benefits

February 18
15:15 2013
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“We have made an investment to expand our reach in the fortified confectionery and supplement markets,” says Steve Grun, CEO of Carmit. “This is a natural progression for us, after successfully developing and launching innovative products in the global gluten-free confectionery market. The fortified confectionery market is a strategic direction for us and we hope to further establish Carmit as a leading private label manufacturer for value added and healthy confectionery products.”

The new line of fortified confectionery products are designed to provide specific health benefits while maintaining excellent taste and texture. For each health indication, ingredients are carefully selected for their scientific support, regulatory approval and technical parameters. The ingredients are then incorporated into one of the confectionery carriers such as chocolate coins, toffee-chews, crème-filled wafers and lollipops and undergo organoleptic and analytical testing—to ensure both ingredient stability and delicious taste.

Some highlights of the new fortified confectionery product line are:
•    Weight-management wafer-bar with glucomannan and potato extract
•    Bone-health chocolate coin with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K
•    Immune-health sugar-free toffee chew with echinacea, vitamin C and zinc
This product line offers new and exciting concepts for supplement companies looking to expand their product line and offer products with a tasty dose-form.

“We are very excited about the potential of the fortified confectionery and supplement markets,” notes Adrian Sagman, VP of Export Marketing and Sales of Carmit. “Our customers are looking for new and innovative products—especially supplements that can be delivered in a tasty food format. We can offer these products as-is, or can work with our customers to create a custom formulation. Partnering with Carmit reduces time-to-market and allows companies to lead with innovative products.”

Carmit is a leading private-label manufacturer for gluten-free, dairy-free and fortified confectionery and bakery products. Located in Israel, Carmit has a state-of-the art facility that produces chocolate coins, toffee-chews, crème-filled wafers, cookies and lollipops.

It is one of the leading confectionery brands in Israel, with the brands “Ego” and “Lenny’s Magical Candies” on retail shelves. In addition, Carmit also performs private label development, manufacturing and marketing to North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Carmit is large enough to provide customers with economies of scale, while being small enough to be flexible for specialty markets. All products are kosher, GMO-free and can be gluten-free and natural.

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