Cash for Candy promo uses GPS, NFC AND QR!

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Cash for Candy promo uses GPS, NFC AND QR!

April 22
09:51 2013
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Nestlé U.K. & Ireland has equipped six candy-bar packages with GPS-enabled devices that, when activated by the purchaser, will prompt the Nestlé prize team to track the consumer down within 24 hours to deliver a cheque worth £10,000.

In the first campaign of its kind Nestlé’s ‘We Will Find You’ promotion began in September in the UK and Ireland and will run until next June, using its Kit Kat 4 Finger, Kit Kat Chunky Milk, Aero Peppermint, and Yorkie Milk singles chocolate bar brands.

Consumers will also have the opportunity to win one of 2,000 additional prizes of £10 when they enter a winning code printed inside the bar wrapper on Facebook, or by connecting with Nestlé via one of its 3,000 campaign posters featuring either Near Field Communication (NFC) or QR code technology.

Graham Walker, trade communications manager for Nestlé U.K., told Australia’s Food Magazine that the company is looking to tap into a new market by using these unusual measures.  “We believe this promotion will particularly appeal to men, attracting them into the chocolate singles category and thus driving incremental sales,” he said.

The six, randomly chosen promotional packages will each contain a GPS-enabled replica bar.  James Maxton, of Nestlé U.K. & Ireland’s corporate communications explains, “There is no chocolate bar in the wrapper, it contains only a GPS device. Therefore, the consumer will get the £10,000, plus the bar they originally went into the shop to buy.”

“A consumer wouldn’t know they’d won until they unwrap the bar,” continued Maxton.  Consumers who find themselves with a GPS-equipped replica bar are instructed to pull a tab inside the pack to activate the device, which utilizes mobile phone network technology  to communicate with Nestlé, or, if they do not want to be tracked, they can call the company to claim the prize.

Maxton says several of the GPS devices have already been discovered.  “On the Facebook page, there has been a fantastic buzz. In general, there has been great interest around the world in the technology used in this innovative promotion.”

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