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November 25
10:02 2014
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BODYARM OR SuperDrink®Kobe-Bryant_BodyArmor
Kobe Bryant will become the third shareholder

With his investment in the emerging BODYARMOR premium sports drink basketball superstar Kobe Bryant will become an influential partner and board member in the beverage start-up.
Co-founders Repole and Collins have already achieved beverage industry success having each sold their beverage companies to The Coca-Cola Company in 2007. Repole sold glaceau vitaminwater and smartwater for $ 4.1 billion and Collins sold Fuze and NOS for $ 250 million.
Bryant first discovered BODYARMOR during his rehab training. He said “there’s nothing that compares to BODYARMOR, which is why I chose to invest and become a partner”.
BODYARMOR has two and a half times the electrolytes of sports drinks, vitamins, and coconut water, is low in sodium, high in potassium and has become the drink of choice for hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of amateur athletes. It is available in six great-tasting flavors.
BODYARMOR has chosen CCL as their label supplier as they were very impressed with the flexibility, quality and savings the CCL printing equipment could offer their brand. BODYARMOR was also looking for a domestic supplier, who had a long experience with Shrink Sleeves. They needed a supplier who could meet short lead times, but at the same time, produce a high quality sleeve. CCL Label was awarded this business in December of last year.
BODYARMOR launched in 2011 and generated $10 million in revenue over the past 12 months with sales more than doubling each of the past two years. As this brand continues to grow successfully, so will CCL’s partnership with BODYARMOR Nutrition.

CCL expansion continues

CCL Industries Inc., a world leader in specialty label and packaging solutions for global corporations, small businesses and consumers has recently concluded a number of successful transactions.
| The company has acquired outright its license holder for Turkey, CCL Dekopak, a leading producer of Shrink Sleeves for international customers based in Istanbul. Due to a growing demand for premium Shrink Sleeves and Pressure Sensitive Labels, the operations will increase their capacity in a new plant.
| The emerging markets of Asia have given rise to another plant in the Philippines, a strategic global location with a promising economic growth.
| CCL has acquired a majority interest of its Chilean wine label venture Acrus-
CCL. Further investments add capacity and broaden market scope in Chile while expanding into new territories in the Andean region.
| The recent purchase of Avery’s businesses Office & Consumer Products and Designed & Engineered solutions was the largest acquisition in CCL’s history.
Geoffrey T. Martin, President & CEO of CCL Industries Inc., commented, “We are pleased to report on further international expansion, adding and developing important geography, and continuing to build our fast growing CCL Label
The company’s expanding global footprint enables CCL to service customers within proximity around the world. We now operate nearly one hundred plants worldwide with the clear mission to support our customers providing complete premium decoration solutions.
There is a growing demand of innovative packaging decoration, cost effectiveness and brand recognition. Targeted to our customer’s needs we offer modern and sustainable labels like the patented WashOff Labels and certified, recyclingfriendly
labeling solutions.

Coca-Cola holiday promotion – a huge success !Coca-Cola_orb_01_RGB 72dpi
New CCL Label Shrink Sleeve engineered for bottle-to -bottle recycling

CCL Label, a supplier of Shrink Sleeves to Coca-Cola, developed an innovative label solution to aid in improving yields for PET bottle regrind. CCL uses a special TD shrink material, along with a non-bleeding ink system, which was specifically
engineered for the “sink/float” separation process in PET grind/reclaim sites. It offers a perfect sustainable solution for nearly all PET products. Coca-Cola successfully utilized this sustainable label solution for their 2013 Holiday
Key Attributes:
| APR (Association of Plastics Recyclers) approved for the PET bottle recycling process
| Low density film (polyolefin base): 0.91μ, (0.95μ w/ink)Coca-Cola_orb_02_RGB 72dpi
| Material floats in water bath allowing separation from the PET bottle grind, which then settles to the bottom for reuse
| Non bleed ink system – requirement per APR test protocol
| High shrink material – maximum shrinkage of 50% TD; also has a low MD shrink
| More sustainable alternative to PET-g/OPS/ PVC Plastics News cit., Dec. 2013
Coca-Cola is out with a new full-sleeve label that’s being tested on a holiday product that company believes provides a pathway to easier recycling.
“We’re quite proud and feel like it’s a good step forward for the industry. We’re not saying it’s a silver bullet resolution by any means. But we really want to do our part and feel like this is a good step,” said Jeff Meyers, manager of sustainable
packaging for Coca-Cola. “There’s a bunch of real world testing that’s been done to
advance and actually commercialize a new label from Coca-Cola,” he said. “The story here is we believe we are the first to market with an APR compatible label per their guidelines.”
“… other brands are working on the same pathway as Coca-Cola, just a little farther behind, said APR Technical Director, John Standish.” “I believe that’s a very valuable step forward,” he said about Coca-Cola. “The reality is they are only one of many brands that are putting full-sleeve labels in the market. So we’d like to
see other brands take similar steps.”

CCL presents a new concept

Refreshing design and ice cool execution helps your brand on the journey to legendary status

Inspired by a meeting of Clans, The Pack Republic and CCL Label Decorative Sleeves
combine to craft and conceive Shrink Sleeve solutions for the premium spirits market.
The Pack Republic provided CCL with numerous design concepts for a premium vodka product.
The final selection was for a white and blue bottle decoration with thermo chromic effect.
The thermochromic ink will change to blue when the surface of the bottle is ice cold, for a perfect vodka shot.
The background of the sleeve label is mainly white but has a special lacquer pattern and includes a type eight thermochromic blue ink.
When the surface temperature of bottle is 8°C the bottle design will turn to a blue shade.
All thermochromic temperature changes are sensitive to exact temperatures which will be determined by the mass of the bottle rather than the ambient surroundings. It can take quite a long time for a full bottle to achieve a temperature of eight degrees.
The design was rotogravure printed in six colours, thermochromic lacquer and white. CCL also incorporated the UK tax stamp into the Shrink Sleeve, rather than as a separate label and included the security inks. The design was printed on 45 micron high shrink PET.


High impact sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are helping to maximise on-shelf presence for packs of the innovative Robinsons Squash’d super-concentrated squash drink.
Designed for on the go, in the office and at home, the compact 7 cm high bottle of Robinsons Squash’d contains 66 ml of liquid and can be held in the palm of a hand but is capable of making the same amount of squash as a standard one litre bottle. The pack can be carried in a pocket or handbag and squeezed to add the squash to a glass or bottle to make a drink. It features a valve and flip-top cap to avoid spills.
The PET sleeve provides all-over coverage to maximise attention for the compact bottle shape. The sleeve also covers the cap to ensure effective tamper evidence. It is UV flexo printed in nine colours with a black background that features illustrations of the three fruit flavours currently available – summer fruits, apple & blackcurrant, and orange & peach.
CCL Decorative Sleeves provided full technical support to the project to ensure the sleeve fits tightly around the contours of the distinctively-shaped bottle.

A milestone for sustainable bottle-to -bottle recycling!

As the first co mpany worldwide CCL’s LD -PSL (Lo w Density Pressure Sensitive Label) material is certified by the independent recycling assoc iations EP BP & APR .
The unique new self-adhesive label material construction makes an optimal recycling process possible!
| Qualified by PFE (APR protocol) and PTI (EPBP protocol) clear and opaque PS constructions have been endorsed by both of these key recycling bodies.
| Laminated constructions with inks embedded between film layers to avoid ink bleed and ensure scuff-resistance and premium gloss finish.
| Adhesive stays on labels during recycling process which will not reattach themselves to bottle flakes.
| Cost-effective in-house coated constructions.
| These innovative labels are already successfully commercialized in various global markets.
CCL Label Meerane GmbH in Germany, the global competence centre for the beverage industry, has developed a special WashOff Pressure Sensitive Label. This forward-looking innovation opens up a range of new possibilities and supports a sustainable recycling process. The label construction is perfectly suited for easier
separation of the label from the actual beverage container during the washing process for example whilst bottle-to-bottle recycling (B2B).
The removal performance of these labels is based upon the same principle as the WashOff Labels available from CCL. Following the conventional method of reducing the returned PET containers into flakes, the hot water in the water bath causes
the labels to shrink which then separate from the PET flakes without leaving any residual ink or adhesive whatsoever. Whilst the PET flakes sink to the bottom, what is left of the labels swims to the surface enabling easy separation.
A 2-layer construction is used for these labels which ensures that all inks are safely enclosed between the two plastic film layers. The result is that no contamination or discolouration of the water bath or the bottles/flakes is guaranteed.
The use of CCL’s newly developed LD-PSL labels contributes significantly to the sustainable usage of raw materials as well as to optimising the bottle-to-bottle recycling process. The clean separation of PET flakes and the label material
is guaranteed and results in the seamless refeeding and therefore reuse of valuable PET raw materials in the recycling chain. This leads to cost savings as well as the very positive effect of improving environmental performance.
The innovative LD-PSL labels can be applied by standard pressure sensitive labellers as commonly used in the industry today.

Product ion & cost advantages:
Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL provide
distinct design and marketing advantages whilst at the same time improving efficiencies during production:
No lost set-up or shutdown time due to the ready-to-use self-adhesive coating on the
Pressure Sensitive Labels.
| Simple changes of the label reels and simple as well as precise label application is possible.
| A wide range of label sizes and forms can be applied without any machine adjustments being necessary – vast reduction of set-up times!
| Less time required for switching to other brands or variants.
| Minimal machine maintenance required.
| High efficiencies and production stability lead to greater output levels.

iQR – a new dimension of QR coding

Embedding QR codes onto packaging became an essential part of the marketing mix for a number of companies within the last few years.
To think out of the box and to search for a solution; generating additional value for the customer, has always been the focus of the CCL Hohenems team in Austria.
However, the QR code remains a diffuse and scattered technology that is not always executed in the way intended by marketers, agencies and their customers.
In the way the QR code technology is being used today, it is common for the users to have one QR code on the packaging with a static background for each code, meaning there is no flexibility at all.
CCL came up with a revolutionary technology to dynamically manage the media planning. The individual’s information is dependent on time and location, and can be as flexible as the promotion activity needs to be, with one single iQR code printed onto the packaging.
You can change the promotion or the specific marketing message on a daily, hourly, or even minutely basis or specifically for certain regional markets – all with a single QR code. Dynamic results and unique responses are based on the time of day or the area the customer is in at the moment of the scan. Manage different promotional
activities throughout the whole world with just one QR code and the specific CMS-system as background.

S5 STARS5star_Magnum_CMYK


CCL Label presents S5 STAR, Shrink Sleeves adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Precious crystals placed automatically and accurately on a premium-quality decoration foil.


Lifestyle is an approach to life. S5 STAR creates lasting glamour and lifestyle for your target group. Stage your exquisite food & beverage or high-end cosmetic product additionally with S5 STAR. S5 STAR creates new distribution channels, increases market shares and strengthens the brand awareness.
| Exciting, luxurious, breathtaking, individual and experience orientated
| The product decoration can be used as a highlight for sales, customer and event strategies
| Present brands and products in a spectacular and brilliant way
| “Lifestyle thinking” – a matter of course for premium and luxury brands


The target groups
| Beverages & spirits: manufacturer, bottler, sales
| Cosmetics, spa & fashion: manufacturer, sales, hotel, store
| Lifestyle catering: hotel, restaurant, bar, club
| Marketing: sponsoring, event, catering, promotions

The fields of application
| Product-launches : special editions
| Event & sponsoring: sport, movie, music, fashion, award, opening
| Brand awareness: merchandising
| Sales: promotion, customer loyalty, incentive

The full service offer
| Small to very large volumes: 500 to 50,000 units and more
| Guarantee of quantity and quality: projectable production processes
| Customisation: “tailor-made” for sales key accounts
| Consultation, printing, logistics: full service for the highest demands


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