Chengdu Wagott launches private label tabletop Stevia sweeteners

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Chengdu Wagott launches private label tabletop Stevia sweeteners

November 10
12:23 2011
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Botanical Extracts specialist, Chengdu Wagott Pharmaceuticals Co., has expanded its natural Stevia extracts to a new range of tabletop REB A sweetener formulations.  In cooperation with Brenner pharma/food (Israel), Wagott is now offering three unique private label product alternatives to mass market retail brands.
Yonatan Brenner reports, “Wagott’s goal is to give strategic customers value opportunities with cost-efficient solutions.  In this case, we are cooperating with well known toll manufacturers in Europe and Israel for three distinct options, with ViaSweet™ inside.  We are extremely pleased with the finished product results, having successfully maintained the clean flavor profile of Wagott’s Stevia.”
These tailor-made versions include tablet dispensers, blisters and a patented liquid formulation.  All products are offered in cleverly-designed convenient packaging, and delivered directly from toll manufacturer to Wagott customers.
In addition to this new development, Wagott is stepping-up its marketing efforts in Europe, with major beverage and food brands having already approved ViaSweet™ as their sweetener of choice.  The EU is coming closer to finalizing approvals for Stevia sweetened foods, and new product launches are expected to take place before the end of the year.
Chengdu Wagott has leveraged its pharmaceutical experience and GMP facilities, for producing a wide range of natural plant extracts, developing its ViaSweet™ brand from farm to table.   Controlled growing conditions across 12,000 acres (in five separate regions of China) mean guaranteed supply; but also important quality controls for standardizing flavor profile.  This includes 300 acres of certified organic Stevia offered to both US and EU markets.
According to Mr. Hua Jun, President of Chengdu Wagott, “We have increased our extraction capacities beyond 500 metric tons following the opening of our second 25 million dollar Stevia facility in June 2011.   The Sichuan governmental ‘Innovative Technology Companies Support Funds’ recently approved a second investment plan to expand Wagott’s two state-of-the-art botanical extraction plants.  We have proudly opened our doors to a large number of multi-national food and beverage companies, coming to Chengdu to audit Wagott facilities.”
Wagott is a proud member of the International Stevia Council, owns U.S. patents for processing and purifying REB A, and ViaSweet™ was declared Self-Affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) earlier this year.

For further information, contact Yonatan Brenner at
+972 52-5613914, yonatanbrenner@pharmafood-bd.com

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