Cold-storage humidification sanitizes, disinfects

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Cold-storage humidification sanitizes, disinfects

Cold-storage humidification sanitizes, disinfects
May 27
08:18 2013
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Smart Fog has launched a new cold-storage humidification system that sanitizes and disinfects at the same time.

The ES100H-2 reportedly is able to treat a number of rooms at the same time with disinfectant that travels throughout the attached spaces. It generates a dry mist of atomized material; any water-soluble disinfectant material can be used.

Coverage ability

According to the company, the process produces droplets measuring just 4.2 microns that can fill every corner and penetrate surfaces within the treatment area. It is designed to help food processing and storage professionals ensure clean, simple maintenance with automated, hands-free convenience.

Miriam Goldstein of Reno, NV-based Smart Fog told FoodProductionDaily that the system is ideal for helping food manufacturing businesses ensure their facilities are effectively sanitized.

With our systems, facility & QA managers don’t have to worry about the introduction of contaminants into the space,” she said. “By producing completely non-wetting fog, food storage facilities are able to extend the life without compromising on the quality.”

She added that the ES100H-2 saves on chemical costs, because the process avoids chemicals from being wasted on the floor or down the drain. It also can help American businesses meet USDA humidification and FDA disinfection requirements in one system.

User friendly

The ES100H-2 system is geared toward ease of installation. The user-friendly control box, designed to enable staff to conduct round-the-clock automated control, is easy to mount, according to the manufacturer.

Other features and capabilities include:

  • Self-cleaning: The ES100H-2 cleans itself after spraying, which reportedly lowers the risk of residues after the intended disinfection time.
  • Intelligent CPLC Controller: The controller can schedule the systemto run the system to run daily/monthly or hourly.
  • Data keeping: Users can export temperature/humidity and injection data from the CPLC Controller to an Excel Format. In addition, users can generate customized reports to help optimize the system’s use.

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