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Continuously Cooked Product in Just 60 Seconds

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Continuously Cooked Product in Just 60 Seconds

Continuously Cooked Product in Just 60 Seconds
June 19
10:52 2019
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Interfood Technology is offering the versatile Power Heater system which can reduce traditional processing and cooking costs for higher value meat products as well as upgrade meat trim. The same system also offers flexible opportunities to enter the vegetarian and/or vegan markets.

The Power Heater system is manufactured in Denmark by Source Technology and is available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood. The patented system will add fibre and texture to both meat and vegetarian emulsion or ground product. It will generate a continuous cooked product in a 60 second cook cycle at up to 1.4 tons per hour. The simple but unique processing method takes ambient product into the Power Heater system where it is cooked before exiting at 85°C (with the potential for higher or lower temperatures depending on the product being produced) after which the power heater cutter will continuously produce to the desired product shape.

The system’s versatility is illustrated by just some of the products for which it is typically being used across the whole spectrum, from meat, vegetarian and vegan to hybrid 50/50 products which are particularly popular in the developing flexitarian market. Products include pizza toppings, speed ham, burgers, meat balls, goujons, continuous diced production, pie fillings, soup particles, sandwich fillings, salad toppings, snack foods, fast foods and ready meals.

Available in 3 options – 75-300 kg per hour, 100-900 kg per hour and 100-1,400 kg per hour – the Source Technology Power Heater is designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning, with a greatly reduced footprint compared to traditional methods and a low carbon footprint.

One of the benefits of working with Interfood is the potential it offers to create fully integrated processing lines. Interfood is also the partner for Inotec and K&G Wetter. Through Interfood’s Preparation Division, a full range of bowl choppers, mixers, grinders and emulsifiers is available. These can be used in the preparation of the product before it passes into the Power Heater.

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