Convenience at its Best: Naylors’ Ready-to-enjoy Coleslaw in Reclosable Schur®Star Stand-up Bag

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Convenience at its Best: Naylors’ Ready-to-enjoy Coleslaw in Reclosable Schur®Star Stand-up Bag

Convenience at its Best: Naylors’ Ready-to-enjoy Coleslaw in Reclosable Schur®Star Stand-up Bag
November 14
07:58 2019
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‘The whole world loves coleslaw’ – this is what British Naylor Farms, one of the UK’s largest vegetable and salad growers have experienced through recent years, based on exports of wet salads, all produced from their own produce. Product development is a focus area and the product range lists tempting varieties, like a chipotle spiced or a cheese-flavoured coleslaw, as well as potato salads. However, in their attempt to keep up with the growing demand, the packing process seemed to turn into a bottle neck. Then Naylor Farms were introduced to the Schur®Star Concept.

Simplification and optimization of the packing process
Because of the rich texture of the salads, sealing of the filled bag can be an issue, as product residues tend to stick to the bag opening. But the Schur®Star Packaging Machine offers a rectangular fill opening measuring the full bag width, specifically designed to ease the packing of products that are difficult to handle. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the long filling line Naylor Farms have employed double filling. The results: No more product clinging to the bag opening, no more sealing issues and no more costly downtime. Packing speed and overall production capacity have been improved considerably without increasing labour.

One of Great Britain’s prime growers and producers of prepared salads

Naylor farms was founded back in 1909 and is now one of Europe’s biggest coleslaw cabbage growers who have launched their own Coleslaw and Potato Salad range for world export and the home market. In cooperation with Schur®Star Systems they have developed packaging that is visually appealing and offers extended shelf-life. They are on retailers’ shelves in Singapore and Malaysia currently and are now introducing the line in other countries around the world.

The consumer looks for convenience and added value

The ready-to-enjoy salads are sold from the refrigerated counter in a stand-up bag construction that ensures the product full attention at POS, with an incorporated window allowing a glimpse of the contents. To complete the concept of high convenience, the bag is manufactured with a practical laser-score for easy opening and a reclosability feature for convenient storage of any salad that is not consumed initially. The range also comprises 1 and 2 kg bags for food service.

Full flexibility in the packing process

The Schur®Star Concept gives Naylor Farms full flexibility in the packing process. The salads are packed fully automatically, employing a linear weigher. In case a special product requires semi-automatic or manual filling, Naylor Farms easily changes over from fully automatic filling in only a few minutes. Also change-over to different bag constructions is easily done, without additional tooling costs.

The Schur®Star Concept is applied in all segments

The Schur®Star Concept is applied worldwide by more than 500 companies. Applications comprise any type of product: From fresh produce to frozen food, liquids to confectionery and toys to hygiene, technical and fertilizer products. All are packed in bag constructions that offer high convenience in every step of the cycle – from the producer, to the retailer and to the consumer. Visit www.schur.com/the-schur-star-concept.

See Schur Star Systems GmbH on stand L05 at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Dublin in January.

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