Corrugated Packaging Brings Breath of Fresh Air to Online Retailer

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Corrugated Packaging Brings Breath of Fresh Air to Online Retailer

July 04
11:12 2016
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hellofresh080716A corrugated packaging redesign has resulted in a recyclable and cost-saving logistics solution for a leading online fresh food ingredients supplier, as well as providing a fun, interactive opening experience for the company’s millions of customers.

HelloFresh, which has grown into a multi-national online success story delivering delicious and healthy pre-packed food ingredients to homes here and overseas, was searching for a sustainable packaging solution that reflected its energetic brand image while protecting the fragile contents inside.

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) says that supply chains continue to be scrutinised in an effort to drive down costs and meet environmental objectives. Recycled materials are becoming essential to what retailers want.

By collaborating with HelloFresh to establish a comprehensive understanding of its supply chain’s primary targets, challenges and brand aspirations, the corrugated supplier created a customised chilled ingredient case which offers space savings and greater protection during transit, inspired by the bold colours of the quality fresh produce that the client delivers.

This environmentally-minded solution for the online food retailer – the rebranded corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable –- has increased packing space by 17% and pallet fill by 13%, reducing the number of pallets shipped annually by over 3,500 – equivalent to a £50,000 saving.

The new corrugated case was created from the ‘waste area’ of the previous structure and did not require any additional board nor was there an increase in the paper weight. However, it was still able to provide greater stability to protect the ingredients while providing HelloFresh’s customers with a rewarding opening experience.

Luke Grob, Head of Product and Innovation at HelloFresh, said: “It’s essential for us to always keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. The new corrugated packaging emphasises our vision and passion for customer-centric attention to detail.”

Corrugated packaging sets a benchmark for versatility as it can be adapted to fit almost any shape and size, making it a vital logistics partner for a variety of reasons. It can address downstream issues, such as environmentally friendly serving trays for fish and chips, as well as providing the best solution for purchases to reach online shoppers in pristine condition.

The growth of e-commerce is another sector where corrugated’s flexibility comes into its own as it offers a packaging strategy for brand appeal, improved protection during transit and ultimately customer satisfaction.

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “The new cases have visibly improved the brand’s equity, increased customer retention and significantly reduced the return rate on HelloFresh orders. The Corrugated Industry’s commitment to innovation and flexible packaging helps it to deliver customer-centric solutions.”

In addition to its high quality presentational characteristics and the protection corrugated offers for goods in transit, the industry is proud to use and promote a sustainable and renewable material, more than 80% of which is recycled.

HelloFresh currently operates in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. HelloFresh delivered 17.0 million meals in the 3-month period up to 31 December 2015, and 7.5 million in March 2016 to over 800,000 active subscribers.

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