Covert marking system for brand protection

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Covert marking system for brand protection

May 06
10:56 2013
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LaserLock Technologies Inc. has filed a provisional patent application for a covert marking system based on multiple latent characteristics, which for the first time allows the company’s clients a unique, economical and customizable way to authenticate their products.
The provisional patent application describes a system for combining multiple latent characteristics within a single pigment. In combination with LaserLock’s other proprietary technologies, these anti-counterfeiting pigments can be formulated into inks that work with all existing printing and packaging technologies including commercial, high-speed, inkjet printers. As a result, the new solutions don’t require any changes to existing manufacturing or production-line processes or equipment.

Rinco Ultrasonics patents improved sealing technology
Rinco Ultrasonics has been awarded a patent for its PPS0145 film sealing technology for ultrasonic sealing of flexible packaging. The patented PPS film sealing technology, with its interlocking tooling design, enables users to increase seal strength, improve aesthetics and broaden the processing window versus competitive ultrasonic sealing and heat sealing processes. The technology permits contour seal patterns and seals with greater surface area than competitive ultrasonic seals; seals from 2mm to 25mm wide are possible compared to 1mm to 2mm previously. These seals can take almost any configuration, offering end users a range of branding options to differentiate their products, such as embossing a design or logo into the seal area. Designs and logos are achieved by simply relieving an area of the seal pattern. Depending upon the film used, Rinco has determined that its interlocking pattern can provide a 20 percent stronger bond than conventional ultrasonic seals.

Flip Bottle concept gains traction
The intriguing Flip Bottle, which was awarded a patent in 2002, appears to be gathering momentum as the patent holders have recently turned their attention to marketing their invention. Company partner Scott Clark reports that little time was available over the past years to develop and commercialize the concept, which involves a bottle that has openings-and corresponding closures-on the top and bottom; the larger opening, which is on the base, allows the bottle to be inverted and drunk from as a glass. Picture a wine bottle with a removable base. A visit by Clark to Pack Expo Las Vegas in 2011 connected him to package designer Ronald de Vlam of Webb de Vlam, who developed a formal presentation and artwork to give potential users a visual representation of package options. To read more on this update, use the link www.packagingdigest.com/flipbottle

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