D’Orsogna Dolciaria offers more than 2000 references to decorate ice cream, yogurt and chocolate.

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D’Orsogna Dolciaria offers more than 2000 references to decorate ice cream, yogurt and chocolate.

November 10
12:18 2011
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D’Orsogna Dolciaria offers more than 2000 references to decorate, with customized solutions,
markets products for ice cream, yogurt and chocolate.
Founded in 1957 by Mario and Lucia’s passion for Italian pastries, the company produces and sells
Worldwide solutions to enhance the taste, appearance and texture of confectionery products.
Today, under the direction of the second generation of the family, represented by Valerio D’Orsogna,
the company is approved supplier to major European multinationals in the food semi-finished
products for the confectionery industry.

The business philosophy of the D’Orsogna Dolciaria is based on research quality and excellence
products and services, pursued in keeping with a healthy and balanced food tradition in compliance
with safety and environmental protection, through the selection of finest ingredients, carefully
selected by trained staff from all parts of the world that obtains and submits them to the R & D where,
with harmony and passion, are merged into the supreme recipes for the industrialized production.
That’s why every decoration of D’Orsogna Dolciaria transforms the product that matches in a unique
and sophisticated blend of flavor and pleasure, which creates sensory solutions of high level pastry
for consumer products.


Mario D’Orsogna is the founder of D’Orsogna Dolciaria.
After several years of working together with his wife Lucia in the biscuit shop where it grows the
passion for Italian pastries, in 1957 under the name of the biscuit factory “Swan” starts to produce
biscuits, wafers, sponge fingers, macaroons and Easter eggs.
From the beginning, the ability to accommodate the needs of important customers such as Algida,
Nestlè and Ferrero, managing to deliver large quantities of product, allows the workshop to grow in
the market for ice decorations.
They are historic warhorses: the chocolate macaroon granules and crunches, provided for the Algida
Crunchy, the drops of sponge cake, brilliant idea was born to satisfy the need for a sponge cake able
to keep the softness in the ice cream, the cream in Winner, and still the “Morbidini”, called like that
thanks to their features to remain soft even at -16 °.


The territory – The trabocchi Coast
The company is headquartered in San Vito Chietino, “the country of the broom” as Gabriele
D’Annunzio loved defining it, a small town in the Abruzzo coast located on a rocky hill that
stretches to the sea from which you can admire a vast landscape that goes from the Maiella and
Gran Sasso mountains to the Adriatic sea. A land of quiet and rich scents of the sea and vegetation,
mainly characterized by citrus orchards, vineyards and olive groves, which takes its name from the
ancient and evocative “Fishing machines” often mentioned in the writings of D’Annunzio himself,
constructions like stilts, made and supported with timbers transported on the beach and the rocks by
the sea.


The Brand
Iconographic detail of the brand D’Orsogna Dolciaria is the swan, the symbol of elegance, delicacy,
harmony and clean, in a circle and embellished with sinuous decorations placed on a bottom vertical
bands, in line with the world of pastry. The animal reference is borrowed from the movie The Swan
Grace Kelly, in his classic taste, chic, elegant and refined.


The lettering is a graced sober and sophisticated capitals with the particularity of the emphasis
placed on the accent put contrariwise as a sign of uniqueness.


The label is used in caramel yellow and milk chocolate brown with a white background
cream striped for the”ice-cream summer” products and institutional communications: a cleaned,
brighted and natural combination, a link to the tones of the confectionery world.
However, for the “confectionary winter”products and communications the swan and the lettering
become gold, symbol of preciousness, beauty and sophistication with a dark brown background, a
reminder to the dark chocolate which contains a refined taste for antiquity.


The Numbers
The production capacity is organized with 8 oven lines, 4 egg-free lines, 16 covering lines, 4 lines
dedicated exclusively to the production of dried fruit, 3 lines for the production of Morbidini /
Brownies, 2 departments dedicated to the production and filling and 1 to caramelized sugar
From both of the production plants of 10,000 square meters and 4000. and from the logistics hub of
more than 4000 square meters, every year more than 6500.000 kg of foodstuffs come out to decorate
cakes, snacks, ice cream, yogurt and of large international brands such as Algida, Ferrero and Nestlé
The company employs about 150 people and in 2011 achieved a consolidated turnover of 29 million


Department R&D – Innovation and Creation
Driven by the needs of its customers D’Orsogna Dolciaria has a structured R & D department
dedicated to customer care for the design of new products and combinations of taste and the support
in studies of shelf life.
All the decorations and the inclusions are the result of a careful research and experimentation to
develop the right recipe, being careful to prefer the best ingredients, flavors strictly natural and
productive warinesses for the quality of products, dedicated to continuous improvement and
persisting research of an ingredient that can improve it, with the quality and uniqueness as our
constant goal to be pursued even if sometimes the good result clashes with production numbers. The
research area is organized to develop solutions with an interactive methodology, studying directly
the performance of the inclusions in the final product in its aesthetic and multi-sensory functional
values (when necessary, especially when combined with wet products such as ice cream or yogurt,
the references are treated to be coated waterproofing the core and saving the crispness and texture
as a fresh product even after several weeks).
The methodology ensures the uniqueness of each recipe to create an unique product that it’s often
covered by exclusive, full of aroma, taste and feelings that define the character of the product.
D’Orsogna Dolciaria, already ISO 9001 and 14001, last year it was granted also BRC (the quality
standard of food safety), with higher grade (A).
D’Orsogna has always adhered to a policy GMO free status.
It reached also OU Kosher certify according to Jewish dietary laws and in 2009 it received the
biological certification for almond and hazelnut praline grains.
As chosen by the company policy, for a proper and safe management of allergenic ingredients, the
productive areas are separated as to work with almonds and hazelnuts, eggs and dairy products,
milk and dairy products, preventing the risk of crossbred contamination.
Every year D’Orsogna Dolciaria arises long-term objectives to ensure solid results
that bring benefits and create value to the company as well as to the society in which operates
through basic commitments: to customers (respect of the food safety, research and innovation
surveys about the level of satisfaction); to employees (commitment to a voluntary policy of health
security protection for the company and the worker) and towards the environment: as for regulation
of natural resources.


D’Orsogna Dolciaria and Social Responsibility
During 50 years of its history, the D’Orsogna Dolciaria has gone from being a small family confectionery to a worldwide leading company through a strategy that has not limited to meet the
evolving needs of customers, but it has been realized in creating value for the society in which it
Starting from the business principles D’Orsogna Dolciaria arises every year long-term goals to
ensure solid results through investments that provide benefits to the company as well as a local
community where there is, always the utmost respect for the environment, an integral and cornerstone
of its business.
D’Orsogna Dolciaria always undertakes initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of production
processes and to support and promote healthy lifestyles and often involving collaboration with
governments, organizations and associations who share its philosophy.
Aware of the interdependence that binds to the planet and the people who inhabit it, D’Orsogna
Dolciaria is determined to push ahead with the creation of shared value, being busy to communicate
on its website the taken initiatives.
D’Orsogna Dolciaria and Sport
Sport is a fundamental basis of useful and essential values for the life of all.
In our company the sport is seen as the context in which we learn the basic rules of common life,
competitiveness and competition, but also and above all, cooperation, loyalty and game team. A not
only competitive conception but also for training, as a school of life, not only for the result, but
closely connected to the positive dynamics that are established in a group to achieve the result.
In each sport has seen a mini business model: there are roles, goals, people
interact and communicate with each other. Sport always unites persons, it brings them together, it
make them growing. The Sport for D’Orsogna Dolciaria is a valuable training tool to strengthen the
working team through a combination of original and entertaining methods.


The D’Orsogna production includes famous products of the confectionary italian traditional prepared
according to Traditional recipe:


At D’ Orsogna Dolciaria each product family is available in any size, dimension and
shape, from powder solutions to small and large granules, to the whole product and may
be flavored and colored in countless combinations of flavor and color, from the simple cocoa fruity,
nutty, and spicy gingerbread, to the red pepper.
Special versions use free range eggs and egg free recipes, assembled with the use of available milk
protein, also Kosher.
D’Orsogna Dolciaria has a department of the caramelization of the dried fruit to create small granules
of nougat, sugar and caramelized hazelnuts and almonds caramelization and a department cream
fillings like eggnog ice cream and for coverings are used the pure milk chocolate, white chocolate,
hazelnut white chocolate, ersatzs colored and flavored with fruit , caramel or coffee, or waterproof
fat coating.
A very tasty grain of flavored chocolate amaretto and a soft white vanilla meringue grain are the
company’s flagship products, but also the crunches, the irresistible caramel mou, the drops of colored
macaroons, mini cream puffs and truffles, cereals with the red Paprika covering, the stars and the
lunettes of cookies, last but not least the proprietary solutions like the recipe for the extruded


D’Orsogna Dolciaria create decorations and inclusions that give to the product with whom they
combine a strong identity, able to involve the consumer in terms of a cognitive and passionate level,
in the belief that the emotional factor, crucial for a buying decision,
is directly linked to the quality and uniqueness of references.
Nowadays, it’s the perceptions around products to make a difference, not more that one between
products: for example there are too many of equivalent quality of a simple ice cream stick, but
each one finds its precise placement on the market thanks to the decoration that covers it and for its
inclusions that enrich it.
D’Orsogna products are suitable for all companies that adopt sensory or emotional marketing
strategies as an added value to differentiate its offering. These products allow
offering a complete spread of product tasting, through solutions that make a cone
ice cream rather than a snack, a yogurt or a chocolate bar pleasant to watch for
their refinement or their gradient color (sight), pleasant to bite because crispy, soft,
round or thin at the right spot (touch), good to smell because flavored (smell) and finally fine to taste
their sweetness, bitterness or acidity (taste).

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