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Dow Produces Ingredients to Reduce Fat in Fried Foods and Meat

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Dow Produces Ingredients to Reduce Fat in Fried Foods and Meat

July 12
09:41 2016
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DOW-326x245Dow Food Solutions has made advancements in two suites of plant-based functional ingredients, produced to assist companies lower fat and offer healthier goods to their customers.

The Wellence fat reduction food gums and Methocel portfolio for meat applications create a broad offering to help manufacturers differentiate their products for health-conscious consumers, with Americans said to be “continually seeking new ways to improve their eating habits and reduce fat and calorie intake”.

Dow said that this would be made “even easier with the upcoming implementation of the US Food and Drug Administration’s required calorie labelling”.

Wellence fat reduction gums can be added to a batter or coating system to reduce fat, and lower the associated calories, by as much as 35%. This is achieved by reducing the oil uptake during frying while still maintaining the sensory profile, meaning it has minimal impact on the full-fat flavour and crisp texture.

The Methocel portfolio for meat applications is a highly versatile suite of tailored ingredients designed to help food manufacturers create convenient, healthier and more cost-effective meat products and meat analogues. The ingredients help improve stability, bite and texture at high and low temperatures – from production to consumption.

“These technologies offer a healthier version of our favorite fried snacks and meat without losing the full-fat flavour and crisp bite that we know and love,” said Christopher Spontelli, Dow Food Solutions market manager.

The products have been unveiled as part of IFT, which is being held this week in Chicago, and Dow will offer visitors to its stand the chance to sample the new technology at work.

It will toss the snacks in batter enabled by Wellence fat reduction and fry them in omega-9 oils, which offer industry-leading levels of good fats with minimal saturated fat and zero trans-fat, Dow said.

Dow Food Solutions has been established for more than 20 years and heavily involved in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.  The company authorizes both drug and nutrition benefits and designs contrasting solutions to solve consumers’ challenges. Dow Food Solutions also supplies global and regional brand owners in food and pharmaceutical industry with ingredients created to add value to their products.

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