Emmi Launches New Range of ‘Healthy’ Dairy Products

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Emmi Launches New Range of ‘Healthy’ Dairy Products

Emmi Launches New Range of ‘Healthy’ Dairy Products
May 16
15:35 2013
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In response to the market trend towards healthier lifestyles, Swiss dairy group Emmi has launched Good Day – a range of dairy products with less fat and sugar and more protein, and which are also lactose-free. In recent years, food-conscious consumers have made up an increasingly large segment of the population as a whole and of the dairy product sector.

Consumers are more conscious of what they eat today, and are choosing foods that don’t just taste good but are also healthy. Yesterday it was light products, followed by vitamin-enriched products, that were in vogue. Today it’s mainly dairy products that are low in sugar, low in fat and higher in protein. Growing numbers of consumers have to be particuarly aware of their tolerance of dairy products, which is closely linked to lactose or gluten content.

Today’s dairy products are mainly aimed at very specific target groups: connoisseurs, calorie-conscious and health-conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. Emmi has created a product range tailored to these consumers. Emmi Good Day products contain less sugar, less fat and more protein than conventional dairy products. They are also particularly easy to digest as they are lactose-free.

In the processing stage, care is taken to ensure all the valuable nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals are retained. And naturally, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used either.

The first Emmi Good Day products are now available in Swiss retail stores. The range currently includes pasteurised and UHT milk, strawberry, raspberry and mango yogurt drinks and strawberry, mocca, aloe vera mango and cereal yogurts. Other dairy products for daily consumption are currently being developed for the Good Day range.

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