Europe Drives Chocolate Innovation

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Europe Drives Chocolate Innovation

Europe Drives Chocolate Innovation
April 15
12:50 2015
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The global chocolate market is exhibiting strong innovation, with new product launches growing 18% between 2013 and 2014. According to Mintel’s Global New Product Database (GNPD), Europe accounted for 51% of all launches, followed by Asia Pacific 21%, North America 12%, Latin America 9%, Middle East & Africa 6%.

Across Europe, Mintel’s research highlights the top reasons consumers may be tempted by chocolate. French consumers are most likely to buy it to “treat myself”, with 76% of chocolate eaters claiming this factor, followed by 69% of Brits, 58% of Spanish , 38% of italian and just 29% of German consumers.

Meanwhile, Italians are most likely to reach for chocolate to relax, with 39% of Italian chocolate eaters claiming this factor, followed by 33% of British, 31% of German, 29% of French and 24% of Spanish consumers. Conversely, it seems British consumers are more likely to need the sugar hit – with 23% of British consumers claiming they eat chocolate for an energy boost, compared to 24% Italian, 18% Spanish, 17% French and 16% German consumers.

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