Exandal to seek Fair Trade Certification for Peruvian tara gum production

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Exandal to seek Fair Trade Certification for Peruvian tara gum production

February 04
09:24 2013
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Ingredient and food blends company Exandal has announced that it is currently working to obtain Fair Trade Certification for the production of its tara gum powder products. As a socially responsible and ethical business, Exandal said that it greatly values the close relationship it has with the farming communities in Peru, and continues to support their economic development. Therefore, in an effort to ensure the implementation of fair business practices, Exandal is now in the process of obtaining Fair Trade Certification. According to the company, Exandal will be the first and only tara gum producer in Peru to accomplish this achievement, which will ultimately set it apart from other producers and suppliers in Peru.

Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) is a small leguminous tree or thorny shrub native to Peru. Tara gum is a white or beige, nearly odourless powder that is produced by separating and grinding the endosperm of C. spinosa seeds. The major component of the gum is a galactomannan polymer similar to the main components of guar and locust bean gums.

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