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Fi Europe 2013 – “Co-Create With Roquette”

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Fi Europe 2013 – “Co-Create With Roquette”

October 03
09:28 2013
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This year, the Roquette stand theme at Fi Europe 2013 will be “Co-Creation”. Offering new advances in ingredients, and backed by multi-disciplinary support built on 80 years of experience, Roquette is ready to “Co-Create” with the food industry to come up with tomorrow’s products.

The stand will be organised by food application field and each application space will offer a collaborative arena for creative encounters with Roquette’s development teams. Nutritional, texturizing or technological ingredients; application, analytical, nutritional or regulatory support; cost reduction: most aspect of food product development can be dealt with or even tested out. How? Co-Create!

Roquette will present a selection of new solutions for all the application sectors. Whatever the solution; nutritional, texturizing or to optimise costs, the main aim is to delight visitors’ taste buds.

Take Roquette’s Microalgae High Lipid Algal Flour muffin: with 30% less fat, the nutritional – and sensory – advantages speak for themselves. A complete and sustainable food ingredient, Roquette’s Microalgae High Lipid Algal Flour is an innovative, optimum source of lipids. The benefits for bakery products are many: in addition to improving the lipid profile, also on offer are texturizing, calorie reduction, fibre and protein enrichment and the elimination of major allergens.

It should be noted that the Roquette development teams have also made use of the unique characteristics of the Roquette Microalgae High Lipid Algal Flour to develop a hollandaise sauce made without butter or eggs and with over 70% less fat.

On the texture side, visitors in the confectionery space will discover among other things some astonishing tablets: an “on-the-go” coffee; a peanut without nutritional and allergenic disadvantages or even a sparkling effect texture!  A multiplicity of textures designed for a maximum of sensations.

To demonstrate cost optimisation solutions, the limelight in the dairy product space will shine on one of the starches in the CLEARGUM® range to highlight a cheese analogue concept. Produced from various botanical sources (maize, pea and potato), CLEARGUM® starches offer a complete range of functionalities to accompany the desired type of cheese texture.

Make a note of Roquette’s participation in the FIE conference programme:

* 20 November – 09.25 (Module 4B: DAIRY INNOVATION: Hélène DELAMARE (Dairy Product Market Development Manager) will present texturizing, nutritional and cost optimisation solutions in the context of the development of dairy products.

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