Food processors’ future is cloudy for Coriolis

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Food processors’ future is cloudy for Coriolis

May 17
14:15 2013
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Food manufacturers can now access a factory performance software system based in the cloud in a move its creator, food and drink operations consultant Coriolis, describes as a world first.

The proprietary software system, MIMO, which stands for ‘minimum in – maximum out’, is designed to help food manufacturers monitor and more effectively improve key factory performance indicators. These include productivity, operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), waste and yields.

“The advantage of having a cloud based system is that the information can be accessed from anywhere and it can be updated via any web-enabled device,” said Mark Schubert, director of UK-based firm Coriolis.

According to Coriolis, the product can be tailored to small start-up taking their first steps in OEE measurement or multinational corporations which require a fully automated multisite reporting system.

Minimal input, maximum output

The system took its name from the fact that it is intended to operate on the principle of minimal input from the manufacturer delivering maximum outputs to the bottom line.

The software can be fully automated and linked directly to production lines and other systems or alternatively data can be inputted through a PC terminal, tablet or any other web enabled device in seconds.

Once installed, in addition to producing the standard daily and weekly production reports the system provides unique product analysis, according to Coriolis. This covers aspects such as product mixture evaluation or providing the true cost of a material by supplier with real-time yields taken into account.

No ‘silver bullet’

However, he stressed that the system should not be seen as a “silver bullet” and was ultimately only as effective as its operators.

To ensure that manufacturers get the best out of the system, Coriolis said it would advise on its implementation, ensure it is integrated with existing management systems and provide on-going staff support.

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