Fruit friendly label dissolves in water

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Fruit friendly label dissolves in water

April 22
09:55 2013
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The only thing stopping your fresh apple from being completely organic is that little white sticker with the gluey residue on the back side. So, New York-based, electrical engineer Scott Amron invented Fruitwash stickers which, when put under the tap, willdissolve into organic fruit soap that removes pesticides, fungicides and  any water-resistant wax.

Amron, who introduced the first prototype in late 2011, explained, “I’ve always been discontent with fruit labels and felt they could do more than just display product information and be difficult to peel off.” He is not revealing the Fruitwash’s ingredients, but he will confirm they’re designed to “outlast the fruit they label”.

Fruitwash is based on the oval or circular peel-off labels fixed to the skins of fruits, however the labels essentially dissolve into the organic soap mixture which then can be used for cleaning the product. While the labels resist water, they dissolve when rubbed. Prior to the fruits or vegetables passing into consumers’ hands, though, they can function in the same way as a traditional label, displaying barcode information for retail stock-check purposes as well as the retail price.

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