HERZA Schokolade Presents Functional Bars With a Promising Future

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HERZA Schokolade Presents Functional Bars With a Promising Future

HERZA Schokolade Presents Functional Bars With a Promising Future
May 24
09:39 2013
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Bars are one of the growing segments in the functional food market. And their success is by no means confined to the field of sport; they are constantly attracting new target groups. As a contract manufacturer, HERZA Schokolade produces functional bars for suppliers of branded products for athletes, dietetic foods and health and lifestyle products. Besides standard recipes the company develops tailor-made concepts that enable its customers to stand out from their competitors. At this year’s PLMA (Food Section, Stand No. 7225), HERZA will present forward-looking new products with which suppliers of functional bars can generate additional profits.

HERZA Schokolade is one of the few international private label manufacturers to produce the chocolate itself. That enables the company to create new, revolutionary recipes for protein bars. One example is a protein bar with a protein content of 30 percent, which consists only of chocolate and crispies; unlike other products it contains no core mass. The proteins are worked directly into the chocolate, which in turn is fortified with protein crispies. This method makes for a much stronger chocolate flavour, and the bars reach a wider target group. They appeal both to athletes and to nutrition-conscious consumers who look for a health benefit besides enjoying the taste of confectionery.

More Variety: Bi-colour Bars

First and foremost, functional bars have to carry out their task as suppliers of protein or nutrients. But their enjoyment value must not suffer, nevertheless. With different flavours and chocolate coatings, HERZA offers a wide choice. New additions to the range are bars with bi-colour chocolate. Thanks to a special production method and years of experience in the manufacture of chocolates, the company is able to produce bars that are coated with white chocolate, for example, and have an underside of dark chocolate – a novelty in the market.


Extra Chocolate: Double-coated Crispy Protein Bars

For an intensive chocolate flavour and a really crunchy effect, HERZA has developed double-coated protein bars. They contain a creamy filling that is first coated with chocolate and then sprinkled all round with crispies or nuts and finally given another coating of chocolate.

Invigorating Lifestyle: Caffeine Energy Bars With Taurin

For suppliers of confectionery bars who want to brighten up the market with new ideas, energy bars are the ideal solution. They contain a high caffeine and taurin content and therefore serve as a quick and handy energy boost between meals. They are available in many different flavours.

The Whole Package, All From One Source

As a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, HERZA draws on the know-how and resources of its sister companies when developing functional bars: SternVitamin as a specialist in nutrients, and SternMaid for making up the basic mixture. The research team also has access to the group’s Technology Centre, recently enlarged to a total area of 3,000 square metres, with the latest equipment for testing nutrient combinations and any interactions between them. HERZA also has a further laboratory specializing in applications for chocolate. Because the enjoyment value of functional bars plays an important role as well as the supply of nutrients. Flavour, consistency and mouth feel are crucial considerations.

Thanks to the cooperation within the group, HERZA is able to offer the whole package – from product development through production of the basic mixture to the manufacture and packaging of the bars. The latter are carried out on HERZA’s own production plant, in which the company has recently invested several million EUR. With the aid of the latest technology, HERZA is able to produce all manner of different types and sizes of bars. Every customer’s individual wishes can be fulfilled, and there is virtually no limit to the visual impression that can be achieved in respect of shape, size and weight. The plant has also been enlarged to include an efficient packaging line. This represents an enormous increase in the company’s level of automation in response to the increasing demand in the functional bar market.

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