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Hydrosol: Intelligent stabilising systems for dairy products, deli foods and meat and fish products

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Hydrosol: Intelligent stabilising systems for dairy products, deli foods and meat and fish products

September 21
14:15 2013
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Hamburg, September 2013 – Hydrosol, the specialist in stabilising systems, is systematically continuing its expansion course of recent years. At the Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, with its wide diversity of state-of-the-art equipment, technologists and research scientists develop stabilising systems tailor-made to the needs of different industries. At FIE 2013 in Frankfurt (Stand 8H30) the company will present its latest innovations for dairy products, deli foods, and meat and fish specialities.


Dairy products and deli foods: Creating ideas, optimizing production processes

The new functional systems for yoghurt cubes that can be used in salads as a fresh, low-fat alternative to feta cheese offer dairies additional sales potential. They are simple to produce and can be given an individual flavour by adding herbs or other flavourings.


Specially for athletes and other persons with high protein requirements, Hydrosol has developed a salad dressing with a protein content of over eight percent. The dressing adheres well to the salad, and its flavour and visual appearance can be varied to meet individual needs.


The idea behind the development of the Stabisol Easy series was to simplify production processes. The agglomerated stabilisers facilitate the processing of powdered substances with water. When starch and similar powders are mixed with water, lumps tend to form. In order to prevent this it is usual to make up pre-blends in which the stabiliser is dissolved. With Stabisol Easy this step is now superfluous. The stabilisers are agglomerated by the fluid bed method so that they disperse readily and uniformly in liquids without forming lumps. An advantage that can be used in many fields of production – including stabilisation of dairy cream and the manufacture of mayonnaise.


Reconstituted alternatives to cheese

With the aid of new stabilising systems from the Stabisol series, dairies, deli food manufacturers and producers of snacks and processed cheese can create various alternatives to semi-hard cheese and curd, cream or processed cheese. The finely adjusted hydrocolloid and protein mixtures stabilise the consistency of all manner of different end products. The reconstituted specialities can be used for numerous applications – for example on pizza or in pies, as fillings for sausage or snack meals, in dip sauces and desserts, or as a sandwich spread. Besides being easy to produce, the reconstituted products offer attractive potential for cutting costs. They are usually less expensive than traditional cheese, since most of them can be made with vegetable fat. At the same time they have good functionality and result in convincing product quality.


Innovative clean-label solutions

In response to the increasing demand for clean-label products on the part of consumers, Hydrosol has widened its range of label-friendly stabilising systems. Complexes of active substances without E numbers are now available for dairy products, ice cream, sandwich spreads, fruit preparations, mayonnaise, meat and sausage, and freeze-thaw resistant products. The stabilising effect of the new products is based on functional ingredients that do not have to be declared as additives.


Meat products:

Economical production, more convenience, high enjoyment value

For the meat processing industry, Hydrosol has developed new functional systems for use in minced meat and convenience products. The functional ingredients from the HydroTOP series offer financial advantages in the manufacture and processing of minced meat products. They are suitable for hamburgers, meat balls, chicken nuggets and meat fillings for pasta dishes. The newly developed product HydroTOP High Gel 20, for example, forms a heat-stable gel with a structure similar to that of meat, which greatly enhances the texture even of recipes with a reduced meat content. It also considerably lessens the weight loss resulting from thermal treatment.


Convenience products such as breaded escalopes, goulash and marinated meat stay tender and succulent after cooking with the new complexes from the PLUSstabil series. These complexes of active substances are injected into the meat pieces like brine; they change the structure of the protein and increase water absorption. The connective tissue is softened, with the result that meat pieces with a shorter maturing time and pieces with a high collagen content remain tender however they are cooked. In this field, Hydrosol offers tailor-made systems for different end products – breaded, frozen, freshly marinated or pre-cooked for the microwave.


Keeping ahead with extensive applications technology

All Hydrosol’s business revolves on modern applications research. At the Technology Centre, enlarged to an area of 3,000 square metres, the technologists have four different laboratories at their disposal for testing deli foods, dairy products, meat and fish. Each laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for trials. One example is the new fluid bed processor that widens Hydrosol’s range of services to include coating, drying, agglomeration and granulation. 


About Hydrosol:

Among the suppliers of food stabilisers, Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG with its registered office in Ahrensburg is one of the most rapidly expanding international companies with branches throughout the world. The company’s experts develop and produce customized stabilizing systems for dairy products, ice cream and desserts, for deli foods and ready meals, and for meat, sausage and fish products.

As a member of the independent, owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Hydrosol has permanent access to the pooled know-how and modern applications technology of all the sister companies. These include Mühlenchemie for flour improvers; DeutscheBack for baking ingredients; HERZA Schokolade for functional chocolate pieces; OlbrichtArom for flavourings; SternVitamin for vitamin and mineral premixes; SternEnzym with enzymes for baking, sugar confectionery and the production of alcohol and beer, and Sternchemie for food lipids, including lecithin, MCT oil, red palm oil and spray-dried coconut milk. In the contract production of powdered foods and food supplements the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe operates through its member company SternMaid.

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