IDI, as part of INGREDIA group, delivers functional and nutritional ingredients to the Food Industry

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IDI, as part of INGREDIA group, delivers functional and nutritional ingredients to the Food Industry

November 10
14:43 2011
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It will be the opportunity for IDI to introduce its latest innovations in its two products ranges: proteins & functional systems.
Thanks to its Research & Development experts team, IDI builds strong partnerships with customers by providing
them with high quality support throughout the product development process: from formulation and recipes
optimization to industrial implementation.
The cheese technology revolution
Cheasing’up is an innovative cheese-making process designed to enable the production of a wide range of
cheeses without whey separation, by combining protein, water and fat. Compared to traditional cheese
production, which carries considerable constraints for cheese manufacturers, Cheasing’up simplifies the
production process by reducing the number of steps. Beyond improved flexibility, this new technology also
reduces operational costs and investments.
Cheasing’up offers significant benefits to manufacturers and offers them to create innovative high quality endproducts
as good as those coming from a traditional cheese-making process. Innovative functional systems to suit a wide range of applications. Tailor-made, innovative and easy-to-use, IDI has developed a wide range of functional systems that will be highlighted on the booth. Manufacturers from all backgrounds will be given the opportunity to discover these solutions through tasty and original concepts.
Here is a sneak-preview of some of these:
· A comprehensive range of PROCHEF® DR ingredients, cost-effective and easy to implement, the solution to
develop sauces such as mayonnaise, creamier and with an authentic taste.
· Golden and glistening Viennese Pastries thanks to PROCAKE® GL glazing agents specifically designed to
fulfil consumers’ habits and expectations as well as manufacturers’ technological challenges.
· PROMILK® IC ready-to-use solutions offering significant cost reduction, with a broad range of functionality
(meltability, stretch, shredability) for Analog Cheese such as pizza topping, sliced cheese and cheese
· For dairy desserts such as “crèmes desserts” or caramel topped flans, several solutions have been
developed to be used with or without milk. Depending on market expectation, PROMILK® ingredients
succeed in producing a demouldable, firm and creamy caramel topped flan or a spoonable, smooth and
shiny “crème dessert”. PROMILK® ingredients can easily be implemented to all manufacturers’ process and
will help them diversify their product range.
FI Excellence Awards
Confident in its solutions, IDI has applied and been nominated for FI Excellence Awards in the “Dairy Innovation”
category, with its technology: Cheasing’up.
IDI will now present this cheese technology revolution to the judging panel on November the 29th at Villepinte
room 512B – 12:40

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