Irplast Creates Sticky Food-grade Tape for Fresh Produce Products

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Irplast Creates Sticky Food-grade Tape for Fresh Produce Products

July 15
10:32 2016
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irplast-banner-logoA new sticky tape has been developed by the company, Irplast, to meet “specific demand from the fruit and vegetable market” for a secure and adaptable band for labeling and wrapping particular servings of singular produce.

The solution allows producers to label and group together fruit and vegetables such as bunches of bananas and carrots, and the manufacturer’s brand and product information can be printed on the tape. Irplast’s food-grade tape offers the industry an alternative to straps and elastic bands, as well as trays and transparent wraps, and will safeguard the food’s sensory properties and significantly decrease the quantity of secondary packaging required.

The inks used for the creation of Irplast’s food-contact tape are all formulated in accordance with the EuPia CEPE Exclusion List, and the adhesive part is formulated exclusively with the raw materials included in the XIV BfR recommendation.

The tape has been declared eligible for direct contact with fruit and vegetables with peel, following a meticulous analysis carried out by the commissioned laboratory CSI. They have shown the absence of any kind of contamination or organoleptic alteration from the tape to the food product and, from a technical point of view, the tape can stick to various types of fruit and vegetables without leaving any residue once removed.

“We are dealing with a major innovative element for the fruit and vegetables market, especially in terms of increased functionality and significant environmental benefits, thanks to the reduction in secondary packaging,” explained Luca de Bartolo, Irplast’s chief operating officer. “Following this new project, Irplast plans to continue providing support to its customers, designing more expert and efficient solutions to support business projects that improve their collective affluence.”

Irplast is an Italian industrial group. The company offers  specific packaging solutions for beverage, food and tobacco products. Some of the solutions include, pre-glued shrink labels and high-tech films, printed adhesive tapes and adhesive multipack bundles.

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