Jungbunzlauer Launches Solution for Sodium Reduced Meat

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Jungbunzlauer Launches Solution for Sodium Reduced Meat

February 08
14:51 2013
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As a result of recent product, application and legal developments, Jungbunzlauer is now able to offer new solutions for healthy and safe meat products:

sub4salt cure – a unique approach for sodium reduced cured meat products
sub4salt cure is a brand new, stable and ready to use substitute for curing salt. It combines the widely known sub4salt with sodium nitrite to create a healthier choice for the meat industry. sub4salt cure enables meat processors to create cured meat products with up to 35% less sodium without compromising taste, texture and microbiological stability.

Lactic acid – now also permitted in the EU for carcass wash
After the USA where lactic acid is already widely used for carcass wash in slaughterhouses, the EU commission has adopted on 4 February 2013 a regulation permitting its use for reducing the microbiological surface contamination of beef carcasses. Jungbunzlauer welcomes this approval which will support good hygienic slaughtering practices and increase food safety for the consumers.

Lactates and blends – preservation and sodium reduction of processed meat products
The company’s label friendly lactates and new lactate/diacetate blends improve the safety of meat products through excellent Listeria control and reduce food wasting by extending the shelf life. Potassium lactate and blends further allow reducing the sodium content of meat products by more than 30% vs. their sodium based counterparts.

Sodium gluconate – added value for phosphate reduced cooked ham and sausages
Jungbunzlauer sodium gluconate is a cost effective stabiliser, permitting up to 60% phosphate reduction in cooked sausages without compromise in bite and taste. In cooked ham, new results have shown that a partial phosphate substitution improves the texture and the mouthfeel without affecting the yield.

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