Karmelle Launches ‘T’ Cork Capper

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Karmelle Launches ‘T’ Cork Capper

Karmelle Launches ‘T’ Cork Capper
October 05
10:11 2018
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Liquid filling, capping and labelling specialist Karmelle Ltd has launched a fully automatic ‘T’ cork capper. Developed as part of a turnkey project for a leading gin distillery, Karmelle’s ‘T’ cork capper sorts corks, before placing and pushing them into bottles.

The machine is housed in a stainless steel cabinet, and operated via an HMI touch-screen. Ideal for distilleries, it enables users to automate the entire capping process.

The project for which it was developed saw Karmelle’s team design and build a complete gin packaging line, comprising an in-line filling machine, ‘T’ cork capper and automatic labeller.

For more information, please contact Rosie Crampton at rose.crampton@karmelle.com, or call 01484 533 356.

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