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Make it with Marel

February 08
11:45 2013
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The outstanding ability and versatility of Marel’s highly successful PolySlicer 1000 have been boosted with the addition of an all new interleaver that enables the machine to slice and interleave up to 700 slices per minute depending on product.

Stacks or shingles of cheese, cooked and cured meats can all be successfully sliced and interleaved on the PolySlicer 1000, demonstrating its remarkable versatility and widening its appeal to meat and cheese processors of all sizes.

The new interleaver can interleave each slice within a group or underleave a complete group in single, twin or triple lane operation. The interleaver will operate with both the orbital and the involute slicing blade options.

The independent cutting of paper and of product provides excellent control of paper positioning and therefore product presentation, which, combined with an all new involute high speed blade that requires infrequent sharpening, makes for high productivity with very low maintenance. Most other slicers of this type use the product blade to cut the paper thus reducing blade life and increasing maintenance costs – and potentially compromising ideal slicing conditions.

Marel’s new interleaver is also designed to be easily accessible for fast reel changes and easy cleaning and, in common with all its options, can be retrofitted to existing PolySlicer 1000 machines, thereby maximising and safeguarding the processor’s investment.

Other options include a stacker for tall stacks or a variety conveyor, which produces a wide range of presentation patterns and formats.

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