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MICRODYN-NADIR Builds Second Production Line For MBR Modules – BIO-CEL® in the USA

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MICRODYN-NADIR Builds Second Production Line For MBR Modules – BIO-CEL® in the USA

MICRODYN-NADIR Builds Second Production Line For MBR Modules – BIO-CEL® in the USA
October 05
09:17 2015
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MICRODYN-NADIR, the Germany-based membrane and module manufacturer, has decided to build its second BIO-CEL® production line in the USA following the globally growing demand for MBR technology. Construction works will start soon and the start of operation is scheduled for the beginning of 2017.

By means of the second BIO-CEL® production line MICRODYN-NADIR is confident to be able to react even faster to the market needs. “Local market presence is key to being a meaningful player in the US,”,says Walter Lamparter, CEO at MICRODYN-NADIR GROUP. “With our second BIO-CEL® line we will be able to minimize freight costs and realize shorter delivery times and it allows for more flexibility for the fast turnaround of large quantity orders world wide. Together with our local US partner OVIVO Water we offer decades of experience in MBR technology.”

MICRODYN-NADIR, with 5 locations globally and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, focuses on the production and distribution of membranes and membrane modules and is a leading global supplier of membranes and modules for the micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration market.

In 2005 the BIO-CEL® was initially introduced to the market with a membrane area of 10 and 50 m2 per module. Ever since, several larger module types have followed – the BIO-CEL® BC 100 (100 m²), the BIO-CEL® BC 416 (416 m²) and the BIO-CEL® XL with a total membrane area of 1920 m2 which is especially suitable for large-scale wastewater treatment plants.

The BIO-CEL® is a submerged MBR module for wastewater treatment and combines the best of two technologies – the plate and frame configurations as well as hollow fiber modules. It is based on flat membrane technology. Two membranes are laminated onto both sides of a drainage layer. The BIO-CEL® membrane laminate sheets are integrated into the membrane stacks in a unique way so they can move gently with the crossflow. Due to their unique “hollow sheet structure” they are very stable and robust – even after potential damage of the membrane the “selfhealing mechanism” of the BIO-CEL® laminate will ensure high permeate qualities. Besides, the BIO-CEL® is unsusceptible to braiding and sludge deposition and is backwashable. The MCP- the Mechanical Cleaning Process for the BIO-CEL® MBR- not only enables the continuous cleaning of the membrane and therefore constant high permeability of the membrane but also allows for a tremendous reduction in chemical usage. For further information visit

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