Milk tastes better in the dark!

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Milk tastes better in the dark!

May 14
09:04 2013
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Fonterra Brands of New Zealand has announced the launch of its new 100% LightProof milk bottledesigned to provide the best tasting milk. The recyclable carton is made of triple-layer high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with the middle layer coloured black to block out light. Fonterra describes the design as a ‘game-changer’ in the milk market because the thick plastic carton can prevent light from degrading the fresh taste and nutritional benefits of milk.

The company says research has shown around 7% of fresh milk in the UK is thrown out because people think that it has gone bad, when in reality the smell is likely related to light damage. A recent study also showed that seven out of 10 blind taste testers preferred the taste of light-protected milk, and 63% of an in-home trial base voted in favour of repeat purchase. Fonterra hopes that the innovation will help reverse the declining trend in milk consumption and increase consumers’ enjoyment of milk.

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