Mobile Sample Monitoring of Protective Gas Packaging

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Mobile Sample Monitoring of Protective Gas Packaging

December 19
10:30 2012
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Less need for sample gas, measurement of the gas pressure in the packaging and a brighter and more brilliant display: Witt-Gasetechnik has improved its mobile gas analyser even more with the new version of the “Oxybaby”. This aims to further enhance the precision and reliability along with the application range of quality testing for protective gas packaging.

The handheld unit developed for mobile sample analysis requires only a small amount of sample gas in the series standard entering production: Depending on the application, around 2 ml are now adequate for determining the oxygen or carbon dioxide content. That corresponds to about half the already very low gas levels required by previous versions of this widespread measuring instrument. Even the smallest packaging can therefore be monitored with a high degree of accuracy. This has been made possible thanks to an optimized design and hose system as well as an improved interaction of the individual components. According to the manufacturer, the modified structure will also increase reliability against failure and minimize service requirements.

The dual pressure sensors now installed provide an even more accurate flow rate control and indicate the gas pressure in the packaging – a completely new feature that may prove to be interesting for many users. The new, modern LED display has a white illuminated background making it easier for the user to read off the measuring results, even at low ambient lighting. There are three versions of “Oxybaby” with different equipment for use primarily in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The sensor needle (protected when not used) is pushed into the packaging via a small sealing plate for the measurement. The evaluation is output automatically in just a few seconds. The measuring range extends from 0-100 per cent with a display accuracy of 0.1 per cent. The measured values are saved.

The unit weighing around 600 grams is supplied in a protective case including batteries, spare parts, consumable material and accessories. It comes with major additional options, for example a barcode reader, Bluetooth capabilities or can-piercer for testing bottles and cans. Complete digital documentation and analysis of the measured results is also possible via optional software. For further information visit www.wittgas.com.

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