New brochure from SPX FLOW presents a Clear Advantage for Brewers

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New brochure from SPX FLOW presents a Clear Advantage for Brewers

August 08
11:51 2016
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Brew Brochure FrontSPX FLOW™ Seital Series clarifiers have been proven to offer excellent performance in the brewing process. Based on a centrifuge design, they provide high quality separation and clarification in compact solutions that deliver superior hygienic performance while limiting oxygen pickup to protect the flavors and aromas of the beer. They also offer high efficiency by quickly removing residual yeast and other solids from the process.

To help brewers understand how SPX FLOW clarifiers work and the benefits they offer to the industry, a new brochure has been developed dedicated to the brewing industry. It shows how the flexible system can work to promote flare and imagination for the creation of premium beers with gentle processing that protects product quality.

The skid mounted clarifiers are compact and easy to install and their flexible options make them ideal for many brewing processes. They offer excellent return on investment ensuring production quality and minimizing product losses with a fast and precise discharge system. They are ideal for processes including hot wort clarification, green beer or FV to BBT clarification, before DE / Kieselguhr or sterile filtration, and special polishing.

To read more about how SPX FLOW clarifiers can help create unique and flavorsome beers, download the new brochure here.

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