New generation emulsions

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New generation emulsions

November 10
14:15 2011
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Panteley Toshev Ltd. is proud to announce the creation of the world’s first clean label beverage emulsions for turbid citrus drinks.

The revolutionary innovation in our NATURAL FORMULA is that we managed to replace all artificial weight agents within the emulsions, with a blend of natural extracts. In this way we avoided the commonly used artificial components such as brominated oils, ester gum, SAIB, etc. The final result is a product with great stability, pleasant taste, good opacity, and substantial body, while the readymade soft drinks have much clearer and natural taste, compared to the one’s produced using standard technology.

Our Natural Formula emulsions could revitalize brands that currently struggle to meet consumer demand for natural products. Boosting the natural appeal of the rigorously criticized artificial soft drinks can bring back consumer trust and generate growth in this stagnant market segment.

Panteley Toshev Ltd. is a rapidly growing company specialized in development and production of beverage and food ingredients. Our rich portfolio of beverage ingredients includes flavours, emulsions, beverage compounds, sweetening and colouring systems, liquid herbal extracts and innovative new ingredient concepts. In the food segment we can satisfy the needs of producers from the confectionary, ice-cream, dairy, bakery and meat industries. Currently operating on 20 international countries we are open to establishing collaboration with local importers and ingredient distributors in new markets. 


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