New technologies with Sisterna® sucrose esters.

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New technologies with Sisterna® sucrose esters.

November 10
12:51 2011
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Sisterna is the European market leader in sucrose esters. Sucrose esters have, besides emulsification, other unique benefits. At our booth we will display these:

Soft confection
Addition of sucrose esters will create a very fine sugar matrix and fat globules. This effect eases production, reduces stickiness, delays rancidity and hardening of the candy.

Chocolate mousse
The mouth feel of chocolate mousse strongly effects flavour and indulgence of the product. Sucrose esters create a mousse which is smooth and silky in the mouth with improved flavour release.

Rolled wafers
Sucrose esters have powerful functionalities in wafers. Batter with sucrose esters has better flowing properties, and a lower density. After baking, the wafer is easily released from the baking plate, and shaped into cones. The wafer is more flexible, which could be beneficial to prevent breaking.

The advantages of sucrose esters in various baked product, confectionery, desserts and emulsions are displayed.

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