No Barrier to Bottle Clarity…Just Oxygen

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No Barrier to Bottle Clarity…Just Oxygen

April 22
10:28 2013
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APPE’s  barrier system ActivSeal® combines high protection against oxygen ingress and vitamin C loss with improved clarity compared to traditional barrier materials and no impediment to the recycling process, claims the company. In addition, the technology is cost effective for smaller size bottles and without the extra haze that other monolayer may barriers cause, it says.

ActivSeal® works through the combination of the bottle and closure. A tiny amount of the ActivSeal® catalyst is present in the container wall, while a hydrogen activator is built into the closure. Once the container is full and the closure applied, there is a controlled release of hydrogen.

As oxygen enters through the container wall, it binds with the hydrogen on the surface of the catalyst to form negligible amounts of odourless and tasteless water. In this way, oxygen is prevented from entering the container’s contents.

AS the key part of the technology in the closure, the system has a number of advantages. Containers offer the same clarity as non-barrier PET bottles because they do not use traditional nylon-based barriers. ActivSeal® bottles are also completely recyclable, as there is no danger of contamination from the barrier, while the technology is equally effective for any bottle capacity, Appe states.

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