Novel, innovative, natural food raw material opens revolutionary new possibilities

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Novel, innovative, natural food raw material opens revolutionary new possibilities

November 10
15:12 2011
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Fitorex Group offers a unique new approach of food raw materials. It developed and manufactures YASO® , a patented novel germinated soy-based food raw material of premium quality and versatility. The GMO free product and production process is 100% natural (chemical free). 

YASO® keeps all valuable constituent of soybean and has even higher nutritional value due to a special sprouting process. YASO® is rich in dietary fibre, ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and low in carbohydrate. It contains high quality complete proteins. It is a top quality meat analogue product.

YASO® gives consumers greater bioavailability of nutrients and better digestibility. It does not cause flatulence, distension and bloating effect, since it does not contain stachyose. Its high nutritional value and neutral taste offer a wide variety of application in food industry (meat based -, vegetarian food, ready-meal, pasta, bread, biscuits, snack, spreads, functional food), public catering and hospital dietary. YASO® fits into gluten-, lactose-, cholesterol free diet.

It is easy to work with and ready to immediate use. It offers an easy, user-friendly and reliable solution for food industry and public catering.

YASO® is perfect for those who are open to develop new higher nutritional value premium products.

Visitors at FIE show will be able to taste fresh YASO® pate, snack and other YASO® applications at Fitorex stand Natural Ingredients 3E97A.

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