Ornua Ingredients Europe Unveils New Pizza Cheese Range Targeted at £2.1 Billion UK Pizza Delivery Market

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Ornua Ingredients Europe Unveils New Pizza Cheese Range Targeted at £2.1 Billion UK Pizza Delivery Market

Ornua Ingredients Europe Unveils New Pizza Cheese Range Targeted at £2.1 Billion UK Pizza Delivery Market
December 08
09:02 2020
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Ornua Ingredients Europe has unveiled a new range of pizza cheeses through its Spinneyfields brand. The Spinneyfields, Consistent Shred™ Pizza Cheese has been developed for the pizza delivery market, worth £2.1 billion in the UK, and will deliver consistent quality, less waste and perfect coverage, melt and stretch.

Produced at Ornua’s state-of-the-art Ledbury facility in England, the Consistent Shred™ Pizza Cheese range is one of the most advanced pizza cheese blends available to the fast-food sector today. Optimised for delivered pizza and made from high-quality dairy ingredients, it has been developed and refined using Ornua’s bespoke TCS Technology that delivers consistency in every single shred of cheese. The TCS Technology produces a firm shred and consistent size, which results in less product waste and greater yields without compromising on the perfect pizza cheese coverage, melt or stretch. It allows customers to use a consistently great tasting pizza cheese, that is versatile and easy to handle minimising burns and blistering by eliminating clumping and product fines.

Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™ guarantees outstanding performance and a delicious creamy taste every time. The range includes three unique products:

  • Consistent Shred™ Mozzarella – A premium soft melt 100% Mozzarella that delivers authentic, traditional pizza results providing superior taste, stretch and creaminess.
  • Consistent Shred™ Mozzarella & Cheddar – A soft melt Mozzarella & Cheddar natural blend that delivers a consistent melt, fantastic stretch, and a creamy, rich flavour time every time.
  • Consistent Shred™ Pizza Topper – Guarantees consistently delicious results with excellent value for money, the Pizza Topper is ideal for all uses and budgets.

The Spinneyfields, Consistent Shred™ Pizza Cheese range is available in convenient chilled or Individually Quick-Frozen packs of 6 x 2kg. It delivers outstanding performance on all pizza bases and is suitable for all ovens.  Wholesalers and foodservice providers offering the new range will be supported through targeted local customer marketing campaigns, the availability of bespoke promotional offers and a suite of creative marketing assets.

Joan Bombardo, Managing Director of Ornua Ingredients Europe, comments: “At Ornua, we pride ourselves on being pizza cheese specialists, and today we make cheese for over 100 million pizzas annually. Of course, we are currently living in unprecedented times, and at Ornua Ingredients Europe, we have worked hard to adapt and innovate to our customers’ changing requirements. During the pandemic, the delivered pizza sector experienced rapid and sustained growth, and we believe that the launch of the new Spinneyfields, Consistent Shred™ Cheese range will enable our customers to capitalise on this growth. This new range will provide consistent quality and reduced waste while at the same time providing generous pizza coverage, perfect melt and rich, creamy texture to ensure each delivery ends with a happy customer.”

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