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September 09
10:48 2013
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Pentair, a global leader in food and beverage process technologies, will showcase its latest innovations and proven solutions for the beer, beverage,
food, dairy and wine industries across its trusted brands in a combined 900+ square meters booth at drinktec 2013 in Munich, Germany, September 16-20.

Pentair is presenting a wide range of products at this year’s trade fair to provide customers with
integrated solutions including hygienic, aseptic and industrial valves and components; membrane
technology for water and beer purification and filtration; continuous beverage processing; beverage
dispensing equipment; carbon dioxide (CO2) systems; quality control equipment; microfiltration and
biogas upgrading. Pentair’s drinktec 2013 highlights include:

Innovations in Hygienic, Aseptic & Industrial Valves and Tank Equipment
Pentair offers an unparalleled selection of hygienic, aseptic and industrial process valves and
components for the food, beverage and dairy industries, including double and single seat, butterfly and
many specialty valves. Maximum efficiency and security on process vessels, such as fermentation
tanks, is available with the Südmo-branded compact Tank tops that feature air cleaning combinations
with built-on vacuum and security valves. In addition, Pentair is featuring a new generation of the
IntelliTank Matrix, a compact double seat valve system for tank filling and emptying that is installed
directly under the tank.

EHEDG certified centrifugal pump range
Pentair offers a comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel centrifugal pumps for beverage and
food applications. Designed specifically for continuous operation on thin liquids like milk, wine, cream,
beer and wort, Pentair’s hygienic centrifugal pumps offer a very gentle treatment of liquids with a
viscosity up to 500 mPa s. A special focus will be on the HRN series, a high-efficiency pump with a
closed impeller and a uniquely designed spiral housing, which is available in an EHEDG certified
execution (HRN-E).

New Generation Compact Beer Membrane Filtration System: BMF-18 Compact 2
Pentair presents the latest generation BMF-18 Compact Beer Membrane Filtration system, a turnkey
solution for mid-size breweries with an annual production capacity of up to 1.5 million hectoliters. The
BMF-18 Compact 2 offers all the advantages of the original BMF concept, including fast implementation
and reliable operation, at a significantly lower investment cost.

Quality Control Equipment – New Concept for Monitoring Filled Packages
Pentair has extended its quality control equipment range with the Haffmans Automator, an advanced allin-
one solution that measures all relevant quality parameters directly in the filled package in a single
measurement cycle. A major advantage of the Automator is its modular design. In addition to the basic
parameters – O2 (DO, HSO, TPO) and CO2 – the system can be extended for further analysis of
alcohol, turbidity, pH value and others to meet customer needs. After being loaded onto the
autosampler, sample processing is fully automatic, which significantly reduces labor requirements.

Advanced Water Solutions & Biogas Upgrading
Pentair’s X-Flow-branded membrane technology for process water and effluent polishing, as well as
aerobic and anaerobic bioreactor (MBR) systems for wastewater treatment, provide water management
solutions for today’s demanding requirements. In addition, anaerobic MBR technology offers the
possibility to maximize the waste-to-energy ratio of the production process through the production of
biogas from wastewater streams.

Effective microfiltration is essential in many production processes. Pentair presents an in-depth
spectrum of air, gas, steam and liquid filters as well as filter combinations for beverage, food and other
process applications with the advanced CPM® filter design, all carrying the Haffmans brand. CPM®
Ecofilters feature a modular design that enables Total Cost of Ownership savings of up to 50 percent.

High Gravity Brewing (HGB)
With state-of-the-art HGB concepts, Pentair opens up new possibilities to increase the capacity of a
brewery without investing in brew house, tank or filter capacity expansion with a variety of Südmo

CO2 Systems
Pentair is a market leader in state-of-the-art technology and custom-made solutions for CO2 recovery
and management under the Haffmans brand. From individual components to turn-key recovery systems,
Pentair offers solutions that perfectly fit customers’ requirements.

Solutions for the Foodservice Industries
Pentair, with its core foodservice brands Everpure and Shurflo, offers restaurant, coffee house, grocery,
hotel, and other commercial kitchen operators an industry leading portfolio of application based
technologies, products and services that deliver profitable water treatment and beverage dispense
solutions to enhance the consumer experience.

Pentair Ltd. ( delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its
customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection.
With pro forma revenues of approximately $8 billion, Pentair employs more than 30,000 people

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