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November 10
14:43 2011
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PhosphoTech is a cutting-edge company focused on marine ingredients. The company is specialized in production, formulation and commercialization of marine powders, enzymatic hydrolysates and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Fishing industry, aquaculture, algae industries are producing a lot of raw material and by-products available for a further use and transformation. Owing to its research team, skilled in marine chemistry and biology, the company is screening these materials and developing new healthcare and nutritional products from its unique approach of marine resources. Enzymatic hydrolysis coupled together with innovative spray-drying approach, marine phospholipids production and molecular distillation are innovative and proprietary technologies which allow to PhosphoTech to be the leading and world class partner for high quality and competitive marine ingredient supply.

Because the future of the ocean is the main concern, PhosphoTech is engaged in international partnership and research program to promote the use of sustainable and renewable marine organisms. PhosphoTech is also surveying, through internal control and research partnership, the level of contaminants in the marine products to offer to his customers and partners an expert approach of pollutants in marine products.

PhosphoTech’s unique approach and technology takes advantage of a global market by producing and commercializing specialized health ingredients, able to be used in a wide range of industries: food, nutraceuticals, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry…

Why PhosphoTech will attend FIE / NIE 2011 ?

PhosphoTech, specialized in production of natural marine ingredients is proud and interested to join FIE / NIE because marine resources are of main interest for its activities.

•sustainable marine resources
•Fishing industry;
•Marine Biotechnology.

Involved in marine biomass industrial transformation, PhosphoTech, European leading supplier in marine ingredients, has a strong interest for food ingredients, nutraceuticals and Cosmetics international conventions to deal with the last advances in marine research, to find new partners and to start new developments. International status of FIE / NIE convention is in perfect agreement with PhosphoTech’s international dimension, either for biomass sourcing, research program or commercial development. PhosphoTech will be happy to welcome all his partners to this international and major event in Paris

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